Friday, February 10, 2012

All about me

Hi my name is Anamei Graham. I am 9 years old and my birth day is May the 7th 2002. I have heaps of different cultures in my family. They are Maori, Cook Island and Scottish. My hair colour is black red and brown and the colour of my eyes is brown.My favourite sport is netball. I like it because you can achieve a medal because it gives you a challenge against other teams.I have a favourite Band that band will have to be one direction because they all have great voices. My favourite animals are dogs, rabbits and cats. My favourite T.V programme is h20`just add water. My favourite movies arÄ™ the Journey to the Mysterious Island, Harry Potter and Little Miss Sunshine.

My favourite thing to eat will have to be sausage rolls. My favourite PlayStation game is Harry Potter. My favourite computer game will have to be pinball and friv. And my favourite book is Charlotte's web.My hobbies are rugby tennis netball softball and baseball. My favourite subject at school is reading and writing my worst will be maths. My family members will be my two big brothers named ngaroma and Justin.And then comes all my auntys and uncles and cousins.

My freinds are chloe, mya, cheyanne, mele, wakatere, dara and giselle. My pets are fluffy the rabbit tiari the dog harry the cat brandy the dog and mele and colo the fish. In the future i would like to be a flight attendant.