Friday, August 23, 2013

Cross Country

Can you guess what Pt England School did on Thursday?
Well everyone had to do a Cross Country run. I saw the little kids run first they were really fast. After that I watched the year 5 and 6s  Go Go I shout. They then announce the year 7 girls I am very nervous.

All of the year 7 girls lined up at the starting line. “On your mark get set go” Mr Burt says. At first I sprint but then I start to run out of breath so I take small steps sort of like a mini jog. I jog with Hope and Flora we run down to the corner of the field cross over the other side of the field and run along the side of the field. I could hear everyone else cheering for me and my mates.

We run around the reserve I am now running out of breath but I will not give up. I run through the water. Mr Marks is cheering me on. In the distance I can see Miss Squares. Idive through the water. I am nearly finished my first lap I run around on my second lap. I sprint this lap.

At the end of the run. There is the finish line waiting for me I sprint. As I run through the finish line and put my hands up and smile at the camera yeah I finished the race of properly I mimick to myself.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Movie reflection

At the start of the term the year sevens and eights got the chance to create wonderful movies. The theme was Love!!!  When my group heard them announce the theme we were so excited because most the songs nowadays arÄ™ about love.  I thaught of a perfect song that will suit love. The song we chose was And I Will Always Love You sung by Whitney Houston!
We created a plan and we thaught that it would work , But it didn't work.
The good thing was that we tried our hardest and the bad thing was that we never did get to finish our movie.

Thursday, August 1, 2013


sad: When I feel sad I feel like I am alone and that I dont have anyone that will
help me. Basically sad to me is like depression.

Happy: To me happy make's me feel like im fitting in with everyone else. Just like laughter. Basically I am happy all the time (well not all the time).

Inline image 1

Furious:When I am furious my face get's all red and I go crazy. That happens when I am really annoyed .