Friday, August 23, 2013

Cross Country

Can you guess what Pt England School did on Thursday?
Well everyone had to do a Cross Country run. I saw the little kids run first they were really fast. After that I watched the year 5 and 6s  Go Go I shout. They then announce the year 7 girls I am very nervous.

All of the year 7 girls lined up at the starting line. “On your mark get set go” Mr Burt says. At first I sprint but then I start to run out of breath so I take small steps sort of like a mini jog. I jog with Hope and Flora we run down to the corner of the field cross over the other side of the field and run along the side of the field. I could hear everyone else cheering for me and my mates.

We run around the reserve I am now running out of breath but I will not give up. I run through the water. Mr Marks is cheering me on. In the distance I can see Miss Squares. Idive through the water. I am nearly finished my first lap I run around on my second lap. I sprint this lap.

At the end of the run. There is the finish line waiting for me I sprint. As I run through the finish line and put my hands up and smile at the camera yeah I finished the race of properly I mimick to myself.

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