Friday, August 31, 2012

All about Gymnastics

Do you know what i am studying for this term ? Well I am studying Gymnastics!!!
First of all Gymnastics is a sport involving a lovely performance of exercises requiring flexibility , physical strength and good balance.

Gymnastics involve uneven bars , balance beam , floor exercise and the vault. Mainly this is a womens sport to compete in because it is a very soft delicate and touching event.Men do gymnastics to but in another way.They compete in floor exercise , pommel horse , still rings , vault , parallel bars and the high bar.

There is also another type of gymnastics sports men and women compete in they compete in trampolining , tumbling , rhythmic gymnastics , aerobic gymnastics and acrobatic gymnastics.
If you were  what these events arę you should search it up and you will find out what they mean.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Valerie Adams The Queen Of Shot Put

HI my name is Anamei and I am going to tell you all about my favourite Athlete?
Can you guess who is my favourite Athlete is ? Well my favourite athlete is Valerie Adams!!!
She is like the Queen of shot put.Valerie Adams is a very strong woman she is nice to people she never gives up and she always tells the truth.

Valerie Adams is from New Zealand the long white cloud. Valerie Adams Culture is Tongan and Samoan.
Even though Valerie Adams is From Samoa and Tonga does not mean that  she is not a New Zealander.
Valerie Adams weighs 120 kgs.That means that she is a very heavy woman for her age.

Valerie Adams in the Shot put.Did you know that Valerie Adams won 13 gold medals including the Beijing Olympics and alos the london olympics.

When i grow up i would like to be just like Valerie Adams and win lots of gold medals.

Monday, August 20, 2012

My Olympic Animation

Hi everyone my name is Anamei and i have created a animation all about the shot put sport in the Olympics you can see what shot put is all about by watching my movie.I hope you enjoy!!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The cyber smart kid are in the house

Hi everyone did you know that the cybersmart kids arę in the house and would you like to know all about them? . Well if you arę a nerd out there and you need some advice to be smart kid  like everyone else well you found the right place
.Do you know what cybersmart means? well it means that if you put all your time and effort in one thing the you do that in all the other things you cooperate in.
Well for me i got put in the very fun class and very smart class room 16. My teachers name is Mr Sommerville we just call him Mr S.

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Pools

Hi there can you guess where I went on Sunday? I went to the Panmure swimming pools!
I went to the swimming pools because it was a very hot day and I just wanted to get out of the couch and do something creative.

When we arrived at the swimming pools I went straight to the Ladies changing room then I got changed into my togs and then I went into the pool. When I got in the pool it was cold at first and then it became warm and i got used to it.

After that i did a handstand and my Mum timed me I did the handstand for thirty five seconds.That is a very long time. Then i had a breathing competition and i was under the water for forty five seconds.

Then i got tired of having a breathing competition so i did some do dolphin dive. Dolphins  dive is very fun because you have to just dive of the side of the pool and straight in the water  and you have to swim like a mermaid.

So after a long time i finally decided to go home because it was very late it was about five o'clock when we left. Then we just went home and that was my intrepid journey to the Pools.