Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My cushons

We are making cushions.This is my first design for my cushion. Our topic is bigger better faster stronger ,which is all about technology .

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Guess what?! It's swimming time.

This animation was created by me to show our short trip to our local pools. We love to swim and learn how to bigger, better, faster and stronger in water!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Guess where room fifteen went to? We went to the G.I pools. We went with room seventeen. We went swimming for two weeks.

On the way to the pools my bag rustled. It was very cold on the way to the pools. When we got to the pools I got changed in to my togs sensibly. I went swimming in the big pool.

We were practicing Freestyle, backstroke and nemo. I am very good at free style. After we did that I had a nice rinse in the shower then we headed back to school. On the way to the school we put on our jumpers, I was walking with Taamai, she is my best friend.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My trip to Rarotonga

My trip to Rarotonga

Guess where me my family and I went? We went to Rarotonga.

It is my first time going out of Auckland, New Zealand. It felt very fascinating when I hopped on the plane. When I took my first step on the plane it felt very cold.There was a lady standing by the door waiting for me to step on the plane and she gave me a toy bag to play with during the trip .When I sat in the seat there was a t.v on the back of the chair in front of me. I felt a rumble and a wriggle and then we were moving very fast. Then we were in the air. I looked out the window and I saw heaps of clouds outside. I felt so excited because we were in the air.
My trip to Rarotonga took 4 hours. When we left Auckland the time was 11:30. On the plane there was some writing which said New Zealand.

We are going to Rarotonga for a reason. The reason is my cousin is having her 30th birthday over there. While we were sitting down I was watching Harry Potter the deadly hallows. When we were on our way I had a macaroni pie .When we arrived at the airport it looked different compared to our airport at Auckland. When I hopped out of the plane it was like a sauna.

First I got to get a cool motorbike ride to this place called Villa Onemaru. When my cousins and I got there, we went into the relaxing pool. It was not even cold it was warm. Then we went inside and played pool. After that it was night time so we had to go to bed. When I woke we had to evacuate the building because there was Tsunami warning. When the people woke us up I did not want to wake up and get changed. When we arrived at the hotel this lady said that the tsunami will come from Japan. After that I had some cornflakes. It was yummy. Then we went back to Villa Onemaru. We stayed there for 2 days, then we went to the hotel. Our hotel was called the Rarotongan Resort.

At the hotel it is cool. We were staying in room 508, and there was a huge pool there and heaps of people playing in the pool. We are staying at the hotel for 5 days. I am did some kayaking at the beach with my aunt Penny. We went to look for a fish and we found a big one. I got to hold that fish but we couldn't keep it for long. I did some snorkeling with my cousins and we saw heaps of colourful fish.

One day we went on Captain Tama’s glass bottomed boat.Under the boat i saw a big colourful
fish as big as my hand. Captain Tama had a great big huge slimy gooey octopus on his shoulder.

My trip to Rarotonga was amazingly fun.