Monday, September 16, 2013

The Pools

Can you guess what my friend Cheyanne and I got up to in the Weekends? Well we both went to the panmure pools.
We went to go and relax it was fun.

We Departed from My house and we then went to go and pick up My best friend Cheyanne. My Mum drove us both to the pools.
We got changed in the bathroom and I did a massive bomb in the pool.
The lifeguard saw me and i got snapped.

Then we played tag it has really funny because it has basically a wrestling fight under the water but we were safe. The lifeguards turned on the toys and we were playing on them.
We bought some yum yum noodles and chocolate and chips from the vending machines after that.

Then we went and had our showers the water was really hot.
Then we went to Mcdonalds we ordered triple cheese burger combo. It was yum..  After we had lunch we played on the playground then my Mum came and picked us up. It has time to drop Cheyanne of home. The pools has Fun!!!!