Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Anamei goals for the Term

During Term 1 it was a magnificent term for the start of the year. I got to make new friends and be a house captain for 2014. That is very exciting. 
Here are my highlights for the Term:

  • I got to make new friends
  • I got to meet a new teacher
  • We had lots of fun as a class
  • I have improved lots in my learning

As a class we co,operate together as one. We participate together as one whole class. And we all help each other with our work and we get our work well most of it finished and done on time. We are Mature students and we can take care of ourself and are capable of learning by ourselves and if needed for help we can ask for help and get it correct. Term one was an awesome Term!!!

Anameis FiaFia

Pt England Schools Amazing
Weeks and weeks of hard work dancing, preparing for the Amazing Fiafia.
All of the children participating in a culture performance or another group in front of a 6000 audience wow!

Imagine as you walk through the gates of Pt England School just breathing in the essences of beautiful food. Seeing all of the young children gathering together as one and collecting lots of food. People selling food from there food stalls. “ Beep Beep Beep All students please head to their changing rooms please” goes the intercom.

As I head to the my changing room I hear my Mum and Dad shout out “Good luck Mei”. I felt as if I would make them proud. I am in the band as well as the cook island group. The cook island group were performing last. I think that they saved the best for close to the last. The band was performing halfway the through FIaFia.

I then got prepared into my band costume. Our Band was called “Red Remix” isn't that a cool name. Our costumes were everything black and a red bow tie. The intercom beeped again saying “ Everyone please line up and head to the Markee”.

We all lined up in the hallway bunched up with lots of other children in their beautiful costumes. After waiting 10 minutes or so we finally see movement happening at the top of the hallway. “ Keep on moving keep on moving” shouting the Teachers.

All of the groups finally made it outside and were sitting in their lines. “ FiaFia Night WooHoo” Mr Burt Said on the microphone. The performances were starting. Kapa Haka started First. Just seeing the senior girls and boys ns stage made the parents feel happy.

Starting off with a calm performance then came on another group and then another group and so on and so on. Then Tyla one of the prefects came and got the Band we were all very nervous. In the Band is Me , Lisia and Henry arÄ™ the singers. Korubuea (Drummer), Howard (Keyboard), Isara , Neo, Ben and Sticks. Gloria introduces us and we start singing. I had butterflies in my stomach but I knew I had to be strong.

After our performances there was another group on and another till cook island dancing I hurried to the bathroom and got into my costume, put on my make up and headed to my group line. Then Wyatt introduced the Cook Island group to the stage. As the beat was echoing through the bays of Pt England School we were dancing to the beat. I felt my culture beating in my heart within me.Finally FiaFia came to an End I was happy and Proud of myself.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Anameis Into the Book DLO week 10

Record music and voice >>
To me making connections are all about understanding your story, tale or book. Understanding your story is very important because if you dont understand then what is the point of reading. You wont get the story that is why you make connections.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Anameis Writing DLO Yellow group week 9

I am learning to organise my writing for an explanation and to use time order words to show the sequence of a process. 

During Week 9 we had to write an explanation all about pyramids. I think that I have improved in my writing. I cant wait until my next tasks for writing.

Anameis Reading DLO Bandits Week 8

During week 8 the Bandits Reading group had a few tasks to be finished by the end of the week.
WALT: I am learning to identify the textual features (headings, labels, captions, map, table of contents, etc.) of non-fiction and comprehend the functions of the key text features. 

Here are our Tasks:

  • We had to read a story called "Maori Rugby Timeline" and answer some questions on a document.
  • We also had to read a story called "A Tour Like No Other" and answer a few questions on a document.
  • Then lucky last we have to read a reveiw on theTreaty Of Waitangi and make a timeline about it by date by date.
I finished all of these tasks and made sure that I finished it off in time. I enjoy reading

Anameis Math DLO ( tidy numbers) week 10