Friday, March 28, 2014

Anameis Empathy Animation!

For the last couple of weeks class 5 have been assigned to create a DLO Hyperstudio animation to explain what Empathy might be in our class ,school and community. We had to finish this task by the end of week five. Here is my Empathy animation I hope you enjoy!!!


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Anameis Empathy Explanation

What is Empathy and Why?

Last week Class 5 made Empathy collages on a piece of paper!!!
Our Empathy colleges had to explain what Empathy was and what it meant. My Empathy poster had some images on it that showed Empathy. There was a picture of someone helping another person up , a person giving a poor person money and there more other pictures.

When we made our Empathy pictures our teacher Miss Paget said that we were not aloud to have any white spaces it has to be colourful. So I decided that I should go for a stripy style. My two main colours were red and black. My border was Purple and Pink!
I put the pictures on the piece of paper first but without glue so that I can see what it looked like. I looked spectacular. Previously before I put the pictures on I searched the Internet for an art website. I found the art website and then I read all about what compestition was and a good way to show it.

I glued my Images on ,but they came right off the paper. I realised that I shouldn't of of coloured my paper before I glued the images on because the pastel is a little bit slippery. So it will be easy for the images to come off. Doh I should have thought of that before I did it anyway lets get back to our Empathy Colleges.

At the end of the week I didn’t get a successful finished product. Anyway I enjoyed trying to make an Empathy poster maybe some other day I will get to make a Empathy Poster!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mulitplication in parts stradegies


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What the word FANBOYS stands for!

One of my tasks for this week is to find out what the word FANBOYS stands for.
Here is what the word FANBOYS stands for

F - for
A - an
N - nor
B - but
O - or
Y - yet
S - so            I hope you use this in your writing!!!

What does the word AAAWWUBBIS stand for!

Im in the yellow group for writing!
One of our tasks are to find out what the word aaawwubbis means.
The word aaawwubbis stands for this:

A - as
A - after
A - although
W - when
W - while
U - until / unless
B - before
B - because
I - if 
S - since             I hope that you use this for your writing!!!