Thursday, September 4, 2014

#Kiwi Sport Soccer

Do you have a interest in Football ? Well if you don’t and you think that football is hard to play. Then I am going to explain to you the Rules, Objective of the game and many more. Football is a fun cooperative sport for you, your friends and family. Come along for the ride. You will really want to give it a try.

At Pt England school we have the privilege to learn the skills needed for soccer. Our Soccer teachers name is Sophia, She is from Argentina. When she teaches us we have to correct her for her mistakes as she calls our names out, but thats alright.

On our first two lessons as normal we had to start off with a warm up. After our little run around of tag we learnt the main skill of soccer. Dribble. In soccer when you get the ball you can run with the ball or pass. When you arę running with the ball that is called a dribble. A dribble is when you keep the ball to yourself and not letting any other player intercept the ball. We dribbled the ball around cones as a zig zag. That lesson was fun. As we were leaving the hall we said to Sophia we will see you next time.

The following week we had a competition. We were all split into groups of four. In my group we had Lee, Tyli, Sonny and me. Our groups countrie is Argentina. We all voted to be Lionel Messi. So we all decided that we could all be Messi.
In our first half of the competition we won but as I switched positions we started losing. Maybe im just not the one for goal keep. Anyway we came 3rd. At least we made it to the thirds. We all clapped.

I know no how hard soccer is but I am proud that I have soccer to occupy me.

#The Revolution Tour

Can you guess who came to visit Pt England school Yesterday? Well we have the amazing privilege to have The Revolution Tour come to our school. After waiting and waiting The Revolution Tour finally arrived. They brang happiness to our school. Their message was to try and tell us to stop bullying people or to tell someone when someone has bullied us.

They told us a little story about a young boy who started his first day of College. He looked into his wardrobe and chose a pink t shirt to wear. As soon as he walked into the corodalls of college a group of boys pushed him over and said “If you ever walk in here again with a pink t shirt you will get it”. A couple of people came over and said “Will you do us a favor can you wear that t shirt tomorrow”. The boy said “Yes ok”. The two boys jumped on their phones and told the whole school to wear a pink t shirt the next day. The next day The boy walked into the corodalls and everybody was wearing a pink t shirt.

I learnt that when you bully someone you should tell an adult because that bully shouldn’t be bullying you. We arę all equal. When I heard Jono tell us the story I felt inside me that it is not okay and if anyone does that to me or another person I will stick up for them or myself because they should not be treating people in a way that is not nice. I felt like I could relate to that story because when some people be themselves other people don’t like them. My message to you would have to be (be yourself).

When I wake up every morning I will remind myself that if someone is annoying or irritating me then I will use my W.I.T.S.
W - walk away.
I  - Ignore it.
T - talk about it.
S - seek help.

These four letters help us to remember what to do in a time when somebody is being mean to you. This helps us to prevent starting and argument. I thank The Revolution Tour for coming to visit us and to help us with bullying because some of us really need the talk.