Wednesday, March 2, 2011

On my chocolate cookie i saw five chocolate freckles.I flipped my buiscuit we saw more chocolate freckles under it.Then i ate a freckle and it was spectacular .

On my cookie i saw heaps of crevices on the top.Underneath there were none.I saw millions of crevices.

When i ate a chocolate chip cookie my mouth watered.It was crisp and crunchy.

The biscuit felt like i was in heaven.
By Anamei

Holiday highlights

Holiday Highlights
On February the second i went to rainbows end for my cousins birthday.I went on the Invader it spins around and goes up hills its very fast. I felt so so so happy that i just went on the ride. Then I went on the roller coaster It was very fast i felt like i was going to be sick but i was not. Then I went on the log flume i was scared of the frog in the water.It was fun.Then we went on the Gold Coast. I felt nervous.I went on the bumper boats it was so much fun.I got wet bit then me and my cousin went to go and play at her house .
I hope you liked my story.