Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Holiday highlights

Holiday Highlights
On February the second i went to rainbows end for my cousins birthday.I went on the Invader it spins around and goes up hills its very fast. I felt so so so happy that i just went on the ride. Then I went on the roller coaster It was very fast i felt like i was going to be sick but i was not. Then I went on the log flume i was scared of the frog in the water.It was fun.Then we went on the Gold Coast. I felt nervous.I went on the bumper boats it was so much fun.I got wet bit then me and my cousin went to go and play at her house .
I hope you liked my story.

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  1. HI Anamei good story about rainbowsend. I wish i was there . But can you not say then all the time. describe what happened on the rides that you went on and what did you feel like.who did you go with? make more longer. tell me which part was your favourite. LoL. HAHA!


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