Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Anameis Term 2 immersion assembly

Our theme for term 2 “We like to Move it Move it” is here!!! Welcoming all of the students back to school the Team leaders of each year level. Every time we start a new Term I get really excited because we get to learn lots of new things.

Team 1: As soon as Team one came onto the stage they explained what they were doing for this terms immersion assembly. The Team leaders of each year level. Their four classes were learning to compare mechanical things which protect us from wild animals in the Zoo and to keep the animals enclosed and safe with things we have at home. The Teachers showed us a video they took in the holidays at the Zoo. The video showed us some of the equipment that they use at the Zoo

Team 2: Straight after Team one finished Mr Burt Announced “ It is time for team 2”!!! Mr jacobson the Technical Technician  played the movie. Team 2 was learning all about Flight. We all saw the up song. We saw some magnificent men in their flying machines loop the loop in the air and do really cool tricks in the air. Once the movie was finished the Teachers of Team 2 came onto the stage. Mrs Eddie comes on with a plane costume on and same as another Teacher. Mrs Glaze was a pilot and she introduced the planes to us. She told us the 3 main parts of the planes bodys. Those main parts arę the Engine, Thrust and the Wings.

Team 3: After they performed it was time for Team 3 yeah!!! As they came onto the stage with a song. All of the Teachers were dressed up in a specific colour all of the colours added up into a rainbow. The main image of this was to get children to think all about lots of different colours. They showed us how to make different colours by mixing colors together.

Team 4: Yeah team 4. As soon as team four introduced themselves they showed us a movie. The move was all about buoyancy and flotation. We also learnt how a device can float. For instance when a boat floats on the water water is moving it back and forward making little ripples making the boat to float. Then we had a quiz. If you get the answer correct you win a chocolate fish.

Team 5: “ Yeah how was that Pt England school. Now the moment we have all been waiting for Team 5 yeah.” As the teachers tell everyone what Team 5 will be learning about us senior look at the instruments the teachers have. The instruments looked like they were home made. Mr Barks was holding a pipe with a mouthpiece made out of a hose and what he did with the instrument was he blew it and a n awesome sound came out it sounded like a Tuba. Ms Paget was holding a can with a balloon covering the top and she was just plucking at the top to create a popping noise wow. The rest of the teachers had the same instruments. We then watched a cool creative movie. All the teachers was in a band and were playing music. It was pretty funny.

Well our Immersion assembly for Term 2 is at its end but it won't be too long until we have another. As things were starting to wind down ( finish ) we were all singing along to the songs the teachers were playing it was an awesome Term one Immersion assembly see you next time.

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