Friday, May 16, 2014

Holidays So exciting

Another Holiday has started once again. " all right" I alert myself ,"Its only two weeks". As much as I love being lazy most of the time I just cant stay away from school for so long. I am well educated but I just love attending school I love to learn. My Parents say that they have a good education in their blood and that a good education is the key to anything.

Meanwhile I just don't know what to do for the rest of the Holidays. My Mum made a very long list of what my family and I were going to do for the Holidays. A few of them said "Make a Garden ,Visit favourite ate Nanny's and more. I said  "Ok what is so bad about doing that". Instead of doing the garden I went to the back room and started doing some research about Guinea Pigs. I thought to myself Wow I should get a Guinea Pig.

At he same time I went to go and ask my Mum if I could get a pet Guinea Pig she said "No but only if you prove to me that you are responsible enough". So I rang up a friend Cheyanne Me and her got to buisness. We started to search up facts and lots of picture we printed them off with my printer.

We glued it all on and created a responsible Treaty for my Parents and me to sign. I knew that if I would like to get a pet Guinea Pig I would have to be responsible enough. As soon as my Dad got back from home he thaught it was a good idea to get my own companion. Both of my Parents signed it.

I was so excited. I then had a little talk to my cat Harry He didn't like the idea at first but he then got used to it. We had a deal if I gave him extra chicken he wont eat my Guinea Pig. He agreed to that deal.
I brought the cage from the pet shop $99. Cheap aye. We still have to get the supplies and the Guinea Pigs we will get their. Thats what I Did in the Holidays.

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