Thursday, May 29, 2014

Anamei Science Roadshow!

Can you guess where the year 7 and 8’s from Pt England school went on Friday? Well at Tamaki college there was a Science Roadshow. The Science Roadshow was hosted by Tamaki college in Glen Innes. The Science Roadshow people travel all around New Zealand to teach intermediate school kids all about Science ,they do this so that the intermediate kids will be prepared for college. When I heard that there was going to be a Science Roadshow just down the road from school at Tamaki college I started to get really excited. Something was bouncing around in my head saying “Wow lots of cool Science experiments that sounds like lots of fun”!

Suddenly as the clock struck 9:30am we were off down to Tamaki college. Pt England school and alot of other schools around Glen Innes have alot of contact with Tamaki college. We go to tamaki college either on Tuesdays or Thursday for Technology. Anyway when we arrived at the gates of Tamaki college we were greeted to the Science roadshow by a man named “Shayne”.
At first I didn’t know who he was but when he introduced himself I clicked on to it.

We went inside the Auditorium or another words Hall. As soon as we peeked in we saw lots and lots of experiments but before we could get a hold on to them we were introduced by some other people. We then had a show. In that show we learnt all about the things that humans do with their bodys and the differences to a plant. For example Plant’s breath in Carbon Dioxide and send out Oxygen for us to breath in and, we send out Carbon Dioxide for the plants to breath. So basically if their were no plants around we wouldn't be alive.

After that we had the chance to be able to check out all of the other Science experiments in the Hall. There was one Gadget that caught my eye. THe plastic moulder. I wonder how it worked. This was what you had to do:
  1. You create a small name from little letters. My name I wrote was Mei.
  2. You then put those letters in a electrical square oven which we will be able to melt.
  3. You also need to put over a plastic sheet.
  4. Then you get a vacuum pump which pumps out hot air.
  5. You then hover the Vacuum pump over the letters and the plastic you put over the letters would have sunk in.                
  6. You take the letters and the plastic out and hello you have a mould for something.
         The Result!
May 26, 2014 10:48:08 AM.jpgThere was also another Science experiment which caught my eye as well. It was the Thermal camera. The thermal camera tells us what parts of the room is hot and what part of the room iis cold. It also tells you what is hot and cold because it is not only the room temperature. If your home is fully insulated then your house will be a warm red colour if it is cold then the colour on the thermal camera will be light blue.

We then had to finish off our visit at The Science roadshow. We all said our goodbyes and left with Thankyou. We were all very thankful for that time we had to be able to learn Science. Thankyou Science Roadshow!!!

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