Monday, May 12, 2014

Week 1 Badminton Lesson

At Pt England School most of the classes should experience the feeling of playing badminton. That is why Pt England school children have the privilege to have free badminton lessons for four weeks. As soon as I heard that we would be able to be taught the game of Badminton I was very excited I thaught wow we can actually learn the game ,because most of the children at Pt England school just think that Badminton is all about hitting a shuttle and playing it like tennis. No No No there's actually and art to Badminton. Badminton is graceful and delicate but sometimes their arÄ™ some really hard hits in the nature of Badminton.
As we walked into the hall for Badminton we were greeted by some professional badminton players who have played Badminton for their whole life. First the two tutors introduced themselves to us. The mans name was Ronnie. We were all discussing some good rules for not only our safety but for the safety of others. I suggested to others around me not to be silly with the Badminton bat and to not hit people with.

We then were taught how to hold a Badminton bat. We learnt two way for starters. The first way was called a “Four Hander”. Basically you hold your hand spread out in front of you. Then you place the bat in the creases of your fingers and grip. You will see a V shape from your thumb and index finger.

So we just spent ten minutes hitting the shuttle with the four hand way. My highest  amount to hit the shuttles was 18. One of the boys in our class (Levi) got up to 32. Wow he must have been working hard and focusing alot to get that high.

We then learnt how to hit the shuttle in a different way. That technique was  called the backhand hit. We then spent ten minutes to work on that technique. My highest score for that technique is 15. I was really trying my hardest. After that we were hitting the shuttle back and forth from the Four Hand teq technique to the Backhand technique.

That way is the easiest and my  high score was 23. After that we all found a partner and had a few matches. My partner  was Taamai we didn't really have a good game because she had a broken arm. I was there for her support though.

At the end of our one hour session we all said “ Thankyou” to our tutors and we headed back to class. I cant wait till we have another session of Badminton next week.
My Highlights of that session were:

  • Learning two new techniques
  • We all had fun
  • The match games

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