Thursday, June 20, 2013

Litracy rotation

Can you guess what the intermediate block have been doing? Everyday except for tuesday. We do something called a literacy rotation. There is a creative strand that is animation , film making and visual art. And a Literacy strand which is reading , and writing.

Last week I was in the filming and animating group. Htawara and I were animating a movie. The theme for all of our movies was michael jackson.We chose the song A.B.C sung by the Jackson 5 band. Htawara and I were struggling in our animation we didn't even get time to finish it.

When friday came along we got to watch all of the finished movies. I thought that all of the movies were spectacular (too bad my movie has not in there). I really enjoyed creating the movie and I hope I can get to do it again some other time.

I am in writing class. Mrs Lugitupu is teaching us writing. I started writing as soon as Mrs Lugitupu said to start. I like the topic of writing. .I am only halfway finished my story.

I really enjoy our Literacy Rotation in the morning because it gets our brain working If you check out my writing on my blog called Prometheus. Please write a comment on it. If you do write a comment on it your amazing and I will really appreciate it if you did that. I hope you enjoyed my recap on Literacy rotation bye!!!

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