Thursday, May 29, 2014

Anamei Science Roadshow!

Can you guess where the year 7 and 8’s from Pt England school went on Friday? Well at Tamaki college there was a Science Roadshow. The Science Roadshow was hosted by Tamaki college in Glen Innes. The Science Roadshow people travel all around New Zealand to teach intermediate school kids all about Science ,they do this so that the intermediate kids will be prepared for college. When I heard that there was going to be a Science Roadshow just down the road from school at Tamaki college I started to get really excited. Something was bouncing around in my head saying “Wow lots of cool Science experiments that sounds like lots of fun”!

Suddenly as the clock struck 9:30am we were off down to Tamaki college. Pt England school and alot of other schools around Glen Innes have alot of contact with Tamaki college. We go to tamaki college either on Tuesdays or Thursday for Technology. Anyway when we arrived at the gates of Tamaki college we were greeted to the Science roadshow by a man named “Shayne”.
At first I didn’t know who he was but when he introduced himself I clicked on to it.

We went inside the Auditorium or another words Hall. As soon as we peeked in we saw lots and lots of experiments but before we could get a hold on to them we were introduced by some other people. We then had a show. In that show we learnt all about the things that humans do with their bodys and the differences to a plant. For example Plant’s breath in Carbon Dioxide and send out Oxygen for us to breath in and, we send out Carbon Dioxide for the plants to breath. So basically if their were no plants around we wouldn't be alive.

After that we had the chance to be able to check out all of the other Science experiments in the Hall. There was one Gadget that caught my eye. THe plastic moulder. I wonder how it worked. This was what you had to do:
  1. You create a small name from little letters. My name I wrote was Mei.
  2. You then put those letters in a electrical square oven which we will be able to melt.
  3. You also need to put over a plastic sheet.
  4. Then you get a vacuum pump which pumps out hot air.
  5. You then hover the Vacuum pump over the letters and the plastic you put over the letters would have sunk in.                
  6. You take the letters and the plastic out and hello you have a mould for something.
         The Result!
May 26, 2014 10:48:08 AM.jpgThere was also another Science experiment which caught my eye as well. It was the Thermal camera. The thermal camera tells us what parts of the room is hot and what part of the room iis cold. It also tells you what is hot and cold because it is not only the room temperature. If your home is fully insulated then your house will be a warm red colour if it is cold then the colour on the thermal camera will be light blue.

We then had to finish off our visit at The Science roadshow. We all said our goodbyes and left with Thankyou. We were all very thankful for that time we had to be able to learn Science. Thankyou Science Roadshow!!!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Holidays So exciting

Another Holiday has started once again. " all right" I alert myself ,"Its only two weeks". As much as I love being lazy most of the time I just cant stay away from school for so long. I am well educated but I just love attending school I love to learn. My Parents say that they have a good education in their blood and that a good education is the key to anything.

Meanwhile I just don't know what to do for the rest of the Holidays. My Mum made a very long list of what my family and I were going to do for the Holidays. A few of them said "Make a Garden ,Visit favourite ate Nanny's and more. I said  "Ok what is so bad about doing that". Instead of doing the garden I went to the back room and started doing some research about Guinea Pigs. I thought to myself Wow I should get a Guinea Pig.

At he same time I went to go and ask my Mum if I could get a pet Guinea Pig she said "No but only if you prove to me that you are responsible enough". So I rang up a friend Cheyanne Me and her got to buisness. We started to search up facts and lots of picture we printed them off with my printer.

We glued it all on and created a responsible Treaty for my Parents and me to sign. I knew that if I would like to get a pet Guinea Pig I would have to be responsible enough. As soon as my Dad got back from home he thaught it was a good idea to get my own companion. Both of my Parents signed it.

I was so excited. I then had a little talk to my cat Harry He didn't like the idea at first but he then got used to it. We had a deal if I gave him extra chicken he wont eat my Guinea Pig. He agreed to that deal.
I brought the cage from the pet shop $99. Cheap aye. We still have to get the supplies and the Guinea Pigs we will get their. Thats what I Did in the Holidays.

Sound inquiry Reflection 2

On Wednesday for our Sound Inquiry we had some more sound experiments online. The first sound activity was called " Match all 3 sound waves". That game was a little bit trickier than the first experiment activity I did the following day. You have to match the three sound waves with the other sound waves.

I plugged my earphones in and started to learn the Sound activity. At first I didn't really understand the game until I read the instructions. I was listening to the different pitches. The high sound waves are called crests and I learnt that the thicker the waves get the lower the Pitch and the thinner the sound wave is the higher the pitch.

I started off matching the sound waves together. After a few minutes I had  great difficulty matching the Sound waves. I listened to the sound and attempted to try and match the Sound waves but I just couldn't match them together. I knew that I couldn't give up I tried again and I finally got it correct. I learnt a lot of knowledge from the Sound activity. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sound Inquiry Reflection

In the afternoon Class 5 had to work on some Sound activity's. The aim of the game that I played was that you have to match the sound waves together to make the same pitch. Here is what I learnt:
A high wave is called         A low wave is called
       “Crests”                             “Troughs”

For example: The bigger the gap the lower the pitch. The smaller the gap the higher it is. When sound waves travel it produces vibration which produces sound. The vibrations in the air arę invisible another words you can't see them. After we learnt about Sound waves and Sound we had to stand up in front of the class and explain what you learnt. The following day we have to write a reflection about it so that is what I am doing now. I hope that you learnt alot from this reflection and if you want to know more you can just click on this sight you will learn alot from this activity hope you enjoy Sound game

Monday, May 12, 2014

Week 1 Badminton Lesson

At Pt England School most of the classes should experience the feeling of playing badminton. That is why Pt England school children have the privilege to have free badminton lessons for four weeks. As soon as I heard that we would be able to be taught the game of Badminton I was very excited I thaught wow we can actually learn the game ,because most of the children at Pt England school just think that Badminton is all about hitting a shuttle and playing it like tennis. No No No there's actually and art to Badminton. Badminton is graceful and delicate but sometimes their arę some really hard hits in the nature of Badminton.
As we walked into the hall for Badminton we were greeted by some professional badminton players who have played Badminton for their whole life. First the two tutors introduced themselves to us. The mans name was Ronnie. We were all discussing some good rules for not only our safety but for the safety of others. I suggested to others around me not to be silly with the Badminton bat and to not hit people with.

We then were taught how to hold a Badminton bat. We learnt two way for starters. The first way was called a “Four Hander”. Basically you hold your hand spread out in front of you. Then you place the bat in the creases of your fingers and grip. You will see a V shape from your thumb and index finger.

So we just spent ten minutes hitting the shuttle with the four hand way. My highest  amount to hit the shuttles was 18. One of the boys in our class (Levi) got up to 32. Wow he must have been working hard and focusing alot to get that high.

We then learnt how to hit the shuttle in a different way. That technique was  called the backhand hit. We then spent ten minutes to work on that technique. My highest score for that technique is 15. I was really trying my hardest. After that we were hitting the shuttle back and forth from the Four Hand teq technique to the Backhand technique.

That way is the easiest and my  high score was 23. After that we all found a partner and had a few matches. My partner  was Taamai we didn't really have a good game because she had a broken arm. I was there for her support though.

At the end of our one hour session we all said “ Thankyou” to our tutors and we headed back to class. I cant wait till we have another session of Badminton next week.
My Highlights of that session were:

  • Learning two new techniques
  • We all had fun
  • The match games

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Anameis Term 2 immersion assembly

Our theme for term 2 “We like to Move it Move it” is here!!! Welcoming all of the students back to school the Team leaders of each year level. Every time we start a new Term I get really excited because we get to learn lots of new things.

Team 1: As soon as Team one came onto the stage they explained what they were doing for this terms immersion assembly. The Team leaders of each year level. Their four classes were learning to compare mechanical things which protect us from wild animals in the Zoo and to keep the animals enclosed and safe with things we have at home. The Teachers showed us a video they took in the holidays at the Zoo. The video showed us some of the equipment that they use at the Zoo

Team 2: Straight after Team one finished Mr Burt Announced “ It is time for team 2”!!! Mr jacobson the Technical Technician  played the movie. Team 2 was learning all about Flight. We all saw the up song. We saw some magnificent men in their flying machines loop the loop in the air and do really cool tricks in the air. Once the movie was finished the Teachers of Team 2 came onto the stage. Mrs Eddie comes on with a plane costume on and same as another Teacher. Mrs Glaze was a pilot and she introduced the planes to us. She told us the 3 main parts of the planes bodys. Those main parts arę the Engine, Thrust and the Wings.

Team 3: After they performed it was time for Team 3 yeah!!! As they came onto the stage with a song. All of the Teachers were dressed up in a specific colour all of the colours added up into a rainbow. The main image of this was to get children to think all about lots of different colours. They showed us how to make different colours by mixing colors together.

Team 4: Yeah team 4. As soon as team four introduced themselves they showed us a movie. The move was all about buoyancy and flotation. We also learnt how a device can float. For instance when a boat floats on the water water is moving it back and forward making little ripples making the boat to float. Then we had a quiz. If you get the answer correct you win a chocolate fish.

Team 5: “ Yeah how was that Pt England school. Now the moment we have all been waiting for Team 5 yeah.” As the teachers tell everyone what Team 5 will be learning about us senior look at the instruments the teachers have. The instruments looked like they were home made. Mr Barks was holding a pipe with a mouthpiece made out of a hose and what he did with the instrument was he blew it and a n awesome sound came out it sounded like a Tuba. Ms Paget was holding a can with a balloon covering the top and she was just plucking at the top to create a popping noise wow. The rest of the teachers had the same instruments. We then watched a cool creative movie. All the teachers was in a band and were playing music. It was pretty funny.

Well our Immersion assembly for Term 2 is at its end but it won't be too long until we have another. As things were starting to wind down ( finish ) we were all singing along to the songs the teachers were playing it was an awesome Term one Immersion assembly see you next time.