Friday, May 16, 2014

Sound inquiry Reflection 2

On Wednesday for our Sound Inquiry we had some more sound experiments online. The first sound activity was called " Match all 3 sound waves". That game was a little bit trickier than the first experiment activity I did the following day. You have to match the three sound waves with the other sound waves.

I plugged my earphones in and started to learn the Sound activity. At first I didn't really understand the game until I read the instructions. I was listening to the different pitches. The high sound waves are called crests and I learnt that the thicker the waves get the lower the Pitch and the thinner the sound wave is the higher the pitch.

I started off matching the sound waves together. After a few minutes I had  great difficulty matching the Sound waves. I listened to the sound and attempted to try and match the Sound waves but I just couldn't match them together. I knew that I couldn't give up I tried again and I finally got it correct. I learnt a lot of knowledge from the Sound activity. 

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