Wednesday, November 19, 2014

#Year 8 Camp!

After weeks and weeks of planning our year 8 camp. Mrs Nua must had been exhausted. We all said our goodbyes and were on our way. The year 8s all went to Marsden Bay Camp. My pockets were  bulging with lollies so as soon as we got in the bus I cracked them open. For the first 30 minutes we all sang songs, then we just zoned out.  

Nearly at our destination we stopped at a track and had lunch. It took us 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete the track. It was a unforgettable experience. I had never sweat so much in my life before. When I finally finished the bush walk we had to walk about 1 kilometre to where the bus was. Finally we see the bus knowing that we have reached civilisation.

When we arrived at our Camp base I was so excited to see that they had a Volleyball sand pit,  Basketball court, 60metre water slide, 70metre flying fox and lots of other cool fun activities. As soon as we were settled into our cabins we had a tour with a man named Michael (the manager of the camp). It was getting dark so we had dinner. Yummy potatoes, Peas and Corn and Beef. That surely filled my tummy.

Once our food was digested in our stomachs Mr Samuels (a parent helper) thaught that It would be a great time to play a game called spotlight. I found a great hiding spot underneath a truck. My friends came and hid next to me and made it obvious that we were hiding at that spot. Nice one. We then went to bed. Sweet dreams.

I woke up just before the teachers woke us up. Fed, Showered and ready for a fun exciting day everyone headed to their camp groups. I was in Mr Samuels group KawaKawa A. In my group were Martha, Ashlee, Levi, Sonny and Logan. Most of my friends. Our first two activities were the Confidence course and Archery. For the confidence course we basically climbed on the balancing board and played tag or tiggy. While Archery was a different story. Everyone got a chance to use the bow and arrow to aim at a target. When it was my turn Mr Samuels made a bet with me. Our bet was that if I hit the bullseye then Mr Samuels would have to do twenty push ups. As I was trying to focus at the target Levi and Mr Samuels were trying to put me off. They were saying things in my head oh it was just annoying but funny. You would had never guessed I hit the bullseye. Mr Samuels did twenty press ups. It was so funny.

My group also had a chance to go for a kayak. Knowing the safety rules and what to do if you fall out of the kayak we headed into the water. For the first 10 minutes or so we kayaked in circles just to get the hang of it. Unexpectedly the wind blew me and my kayak tipped over. So I basically fell out of my kayak and ended up in the water. I was a little bit scared because Logan said that there were Eels in the water. I was in shock. I hopped back on the kayak and thought I would be brave and go out further with Mrs Samuels. The kayak experience was accelerating. When we got back to the camp everyone was on the 70m water slide. I thought I might give it a go. Standing In line for about 5 minutes it’s finally my turn. Soaring through the air I landed on my stomach. As I zoomed down the slide all of my friends were cheering me on. At the end I laughed!

The next day we went to a place called “Surf Ed”. Everyone was so excited to hear that they were going to go surf but actually Surf Ed is not for surfing. It is lifeguard safety and what lifeguards do. First they introduced themselves NIck and Chris. Our group got split up into boys and girls. We had a tour around the surf ed place. It was so cool. Finally the moment has come. We got to swim in the water. We did activities in the water. The water was really cold as soon as we got out I had about 100 goosebumps. We said our thank yous and were on our way back to camp. As soon as I got back I raced others to the Bathrooms so I could have a nice hot shower.

My shower was so relaxing so after that we had dinner. “Whats on the menu” I asked Selwyn the chef. He replied with a grumble “Casserole”. My reactions to the word casserole were big. My mouth went up into a smile and I felt so happy. I love Casserole! In a few seconds my plate was empty. I demolished it all.

After that delightful feed we all collected our blankets and pillows and settled in a big room to watch a movie. With the boys on one side and the girls on the other we settled in for the movie “Here comes the BOOM!”. In the first half an hour I watched the movie then I fell asleep I was so tired. I woke up just as the movie finished. We then went to our cabins knowing that this would be the last night sleep.

I heard lots of snoring in the room I couldn’t get to sleep. Bright and early I had a shower and packed my bags ready for a day at the Waiwera Hot Pools. We cleaned the hall, the kitchen and the toilets. Once Marsden Bay Camp was nice and tidy we said “Thankyou” to our wonderful chef Selwyn.

We loaded the bus and were on our way to Waiwera. When we arrived there we were all excited. As quick as I could I got changed in to my swimwear. Me and Htawara raced to the water slide and there was no line. As we were nearly going down the slide we counted down 3, 2, 1 and we let go. Zooming down the slide I screamed. After hours and hours of fun at Waiwera we eventually had to leave.

On the bus it was really loud I just wanted to go to sleep. Finally we arrived at school. Seeing my mum was so excited. I missed her. Camp was an unforgettable experience that I would never forget!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Anameis Avatar

Class 1 and 5 students have joined classes to create a better learning environment. One of our tasks to do is to create an avatar . This avatar must represent you and your house team. At Pt England school we have house teams. Te Arawa (red), Mataatua (green), Tainui (blue) and Takitimu (yellow). I am in Te Arawa and in fact I am a House captain. My role as house captain means I must lead the way and encourage others in your team to do the best they can. This is my avatar. I have included the character from micky mouse club house and a character from the Angry Birds show. Hope you like my picture. That I have created.  

Thursday, September 4, 2014

#Kiwi Sport Soccer

Do you have a interest in Football ? Well if you don’t and you think that football is hard to play. Then I am going to explain to you the Rules, Objective of the game and many more. Football is a fun cooperative sport for you, your friends and family. Come along for the ride. You will really want to give it a try.

At Pt England school we have the privilege to learn the skills needed for soccer. Our Soccer teachers name is Sophia, She is from Argentina. When she teaches us we have to correct her for her mistakes as she calls our names out, but thats alright.

On our first two lessons as normal we had to start off with a warm up. After our little run around of tag we learnt the main skill of soccer. Dribble. In soccer when you get the ball you can run with the ball or pass. When you arę running with the ball that is called a dribble. A dribble is when you keep the ball to yourself and not letting any other player intercept the ball. We dribbled the ball around cones as a zig zag. That lesson was fun. As we were leaving the hall we said to Sophia we will see you next time.

The following week we had a competition. We were all split into groups of four. In my group we had Lee, Tyli, Sonny and me. Our groups countrie is Argentina. We all voted to be Lionel Messi. So we all decided that we could all be Messi.
In our first half of the competition we won but as I switched positions we started losing. Maybe im just not the one for goal keep. Anyway we came 3rd. At least we made it to the thirds. We all clapped.

I know no how hard soccer is but I am proud that I have soccer to occupy me.

#The Revolution Tour

Can you guess who came to visit Pt England school Yesterday? Well we have the amazing privilege to have The Revolution Tour come to our school. After waiting and waiting The Revolution Tour finally arrived. They brang happiness to our school. Their message was to try and tell us to stop bullying people or to tell someone when someone has bullied us.

They told us a little story about a young boy who started his first day of College. He looked into his wardrobe and chose a pink t shirt to wear. As soon as he walked into the corodalls of college a group of boys pushed him over and said “If you ever walk in here again with a pink t shirt you will get it”. A couple of people came over and said “Will you do us a favor can you wear that t shirt tomorrow”. The boy said “Yes ok”. The two boys jumped on their phones and told the whole school to wear a pink t shirt the next day. The next day The boy walked into the corodalls and everybody was wearing a pink t shirt.

I learnt that when you bully someone you should tell an adult because that bully shouldn’t be bullying you. We arę all equal. When I heard Jono tell us the story I felt inside me that it is not okay and if anyone does that to me or another person I will stick up for them or myself because they should not be treating people in a way that is not nice. I felt like I could relate to that story because when some people be themselves other people don’t like them. My message to you would have to be (be yourself).

When I wake up every morning I will remind myself that if someone is annoying or irritating me then I will use my W.I.T.S.
W - walk away.
I  - Ignore it.
T - talk about it.
S - seek help.

These four letters help us to remember what to do in a time when somebody is being mean to you. This helps us to prevent starting and argument. I thank The Revolution Tour for coming to visit us and to help us with bullying because some of us really need the talk.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Class 5's Evening Art

Today in my class we are learning all about my Warm and Cool colors. Our task is to sketch a basic outline of a Sea animal, a flying bird or a Native animal. 

We can choose to color the background a cool color and do the animal or creature a warm creature. Or we could decide to do the background a warm color and the animal a cool color. Either way works.

For my animal I choose to draw a basic Jelly Fish. Later we draw designs and patterns on our art work. We are painting our art with either a Primary color , Secondary color or a Tertiary color. We are mixing and combining our colors together on our art. So that it will blend in.  

When I do my art work I hoe that it turns out all right. Wish me luck!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Our Colors!

Arę you a colors person? Do you like colors? Well if you do then thats the Spirit. Greetings my name is Anamei and I am a year 8 student at Pt England school. I love colors, don’t you think colors brighten up your day. To me colors arę everything from the beginning when the only colors were black and white until now when we have all the colors that we could possibly need.

What are the three primary colors? Well the three primary colors are a useful set of colors that you can combine together to create a range of other colors.
The primary colors can create orange, violet, and green these arę called secondary colors.  Red + yellow = orange. Red and blue = violet. Blue and yellow = green.

If you mix these colors together they create tertiary colors. Orange + yellow = yellow/orange. Red + orange = red/Orange. Red + violet = red/violet. Blue + violet = blue/violet. Blue + green = blue/green. Green + yellow = green/yellow. Tertiary colors  arę the colors that has been combined between to of the secondary colors.

Do you know what cold and warm colors arę? Well cold colors arę mainly the dark colors. The cold colours arę purple, violet, light blue, blue, dark green, and green.
The warm colors arę red, orange, orange/yellow, gold, yellow and lime Green.

Here arę some art related words -
Tint - lighten Up
Shade - make it darker

When I was a little kid I always used to draw pictures and paint a lot.  What I need to tell you then is to keep coloring!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Do you enjoy a fun and in some parts accelerating sport? If you do then rhythmic gymnastics is the sport for you. Greetings my name is Anamei and I love the art of rhythmic gymnastics. Since I was eight years old I have been convinced by the beautiful rhythmic dancers moves. Join me in a spectacular journey of rhythmic gymnastics you will really want to have a go.

Rhythmic gymnastics can be very hard at first but when you practise and practise you will be a champion and get the hang of it. This sport uses the elements of ballet, dance, and apparatus. The main objective of this sport is to impress the judges with their agility and flourishing motions on the floor.

Competitors dance and bloom on a big dance floor in front of lots of people.
Athletes can express their talents through five different apparatus (clubs, hoop, ball, rope and ribbon).

The clubs arę made out of plastic. They weigh approximately 150 grams. Each athlete uses hand eye coordination and alot of focus. The clubs act like juggling balls. Competitors can dance around by mixing and mashing their talents in with the apparatus. Athletes in using this apparatus can use the skills such as a small throw, large throw ,small flick and more professional skills.

The ball is made out of rubber plastic and is approximately 400 grams. It is 18-20cm in diametre. Using this apparatus the athlete uses the skills such as rolling on the ground and creating a figure eight. The athlete and the ball dance to music in harmony.

The rope is made out of hemp or another synthetic material. The height of the rope has to be about the same size or bigger than the athlete. Routines with the rope apparatus contains high springs, very large leaps and more skills.

Made up of silk and a 6 metre long silk or satin ribbon. One of my favourite beautiful apparatus that I like the best is the Ribbon. The most remarkable and outstanding apparatus of them all is the Ribbon. Athletes can use various skills to create a extraordinary applause by the audience.

The hoop is made of plastic, weighs a minimum of 300 grams and has an interior diameter of approximately 80-90cm to suit the height of the gymnast. This apparatus uses the elements or skills of strong bold movement. Also including delicate rolls .

Athletes who choose to perform alone may only choose one apparatus but if athletes choose to perform in groups of five get to use two apparatus.

Well I have to break it to you but it leaves me no choice to say goodbye. Dont fret this is just the beginning of your journey not the end. I hope that you have a interest in Rhythmic Gymnastics. Have I convinced you.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Math DLO Week 2

WALT - We are learning to solve subtraction problems by changing one of the numbers to make it a whole number. I hope you learn this strategy and enjoy my DLO!!!

Record and upload voice >>

Thursday, July 31, 2014

#Trip to the Civic Theatre

37 students had the amazing privilege to go to the Auckland City Civic Theatre. We went to the Auckland Civic Theatre to watch lots of short animations created from people all around the world. As we waited and waited for Mrs Nua to come in the morning She finally arrived. We couldn’t even wait till She got out of the car, we all were chasing her to give her our permission slips. It was so funny.

As we arrive at the Civic Theatre. We entered an amazing room, we were all glaring at the beautiful Designs and Art on the wall. It was just like we were entering a Castle. We were escorted to the main Theatre by a man named Paul. As we were seated we could see lots of other schools entering as well.

The animations then started. It started off with a movie all about numbers. These little creatures were making lots of numbers in a factory. One creature decided that he has had enough of making number. So the five best friends stayed late in the factory, locked the door and started creating. They created the letter A but the didn’t know what to call it. One suggested Z but the others didn’t think it would fit in. So they named it A. They all built the rest of the letters named them their proper names until the letter Z. Then number one creature suggested Z. The letters brought happiness to The Numberville City. My favourite part when it was time to sleep they let out all of the Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzs. I believe that was how we created the Alphabet.

Another one of my Favourite movies were a movie about a Dog whose nose jumped out of the picture of the Dog. So the Dog had to chase and look for the nose. The Nose went to The Circus, Candy shop and all over The World. Finally after searching and searching of the Dogs nose the Dog found it and thaught that The nose didn’t want him anymore but no one would choose over a Dog. At the end of the movie The Dog and The Nose became very good friends and lived happily ever after.

My highlight of the trip was watching the animations and having the young children at the back laughing at every single word. To us older kids we didn’t get how funny it was because most parts of the videos wasn’t funny anyway. I thank the people who gave us this opportunity to take their time and time of others to make this event come possible. The Trip to the Civic Theatre has awesome!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

#Preparing for a Weekend at my Nans!

Preparing for a Weekend at my Nans!

As we arrive at my Nana's house at Mangere I peek outside the window of the car and see a glance of my annoying but funny little Niece Kyan. We park up and enter the room. I see my Cousin and Nana sitting down watching Television. I say “Hi” . They say “Wow you have grown tall”. They say that because I am taller than both of them. I peek into one room I see My other Cousin Sarah and her little 5 month old Baby Retiana. She is so cute. She was crying when I walked in but as soon as I see her she stopped. Something must have happened. Did I do something. Sarah made a milk bottle for her and I held her. Her warm body cosying up to mine felt nice and soft.

My Mum, Aunt (Linda) and Niece (Mya) entered the room. Mya was occupied with my little niece Kyan. I then gave Retiana over to my Mum to hold because I was heading outside to go and get my bags and blanket. My Mum, Aunt and niece had a cup of tea and a very long talk. 3 hours later they left. Normally when it is just my Mum dropping me off she only stays for 1 hour not three but anyway when they left it has nearly 6:00 o clock.

At 7:00 o clock my programme shortland street was on. Then Highway cops was on. So I was booked on the Television. I fell asleep on the couch and nobody woke me up. So I had a very sore neck in the morning.  We then went to the supermarket to by some food. When we got back I played with the Turtles. Oh thats right I forgot to tell you that my Nana had two Turtles.

The two Turtles were so cool. If they bite you it is so sore. They have very sharp teeth. Blood will come out and it will be very painful. I found that out from my Nanna and believe me as soon as I found out I immediately put them back in their homes, washed my hands and played with the cat Pudding.Pudding is a cat that fights back if you irritate her. Pudding likes me because I can hold her properly.  

Ring, ring, ring, ring. My phone went off. I dropped Pudding and left to answer it. It was my Mum on the phone. She just wanted to let me know that she was going to pick me up early in the morning because we were going to go to Ambury farm.

7:00 am in the morning my Mum was here I got my things ready, said my goodbyes and left. On our way to Ambury Farm we were. As we arrived at Ambury Farm we I could see all of the Sheep, Baby Lambs, Cows, Horses, Baby Cows, Pigs, Hens, Chickens and Goats. The best thing about this trip to Ambury Farm is that it is free. I went to see the sheep, Lambs, Cows and Horses by myself alone. Then My Mum caught up with me and went to see the rest of the Ambury Farms.

Finally we stopped at a shop to buy me a loom kit it was so cool. My Mum is so Kind. My Holidays were boring and fun at the same time. I am so thankful that our School has Holiday or else it will make life a misery for me.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Future Aspirations!

Today the year 7’s and 8’s had a wonderful special visit from a few visitors. They came to teach us and inspire us to do what we love the most in life. We were all patiently waiting for the special visitors to arrive. As they entered the room we were all cheering towards them and created a pathway to let them in. We also sang a waiata ( Song ) to them. The fashionable visitors walked in and we all said “Wow” as they all said “ Hello”. The special visitors were Jason Sharma, Andred Faivera, Arizona Leger and Andrew.

Firstly Andrew came to the front and introduced himself. He also told us why they came to visit us. Andrew then introduced Mr Jason Sharma who is a math teacher at Tamaki College. As soon as Mr Sharma started talking he explained a little bit about himself. He also said “ Arę their any Tongans in the house” some people put their hands up and he said “Well im Samoan”. We all laughed. He’s a pretty funny dude. His saying was “Make you and your Parents proud”.

Then Andrew announced a police man his name was Andred Faivera a Cook Islander. His role in the police industry is to make sure that children feel safe in their community. He also came up with the Kids Safety Day down at Pt England Reserve. He explained that no one from Tamaki College work in the police industry ever in history. His saying was “Dont follow your friends if they arę doing something different in life and you want to have a different job” and “To do what you love to do”. Lucky last Arizona Legar. As soon as she came out I knew that she would be cool. She explained how she has five people in her family She is awesome!

After the Future Aspirations visited Rocky Vea Said “Thankyou”. As they left we all sang a song. Just to be nice. We arę very thankful for them to come and inspire us.


AFL stands for Australian football league. It is familiar to the game Kiwi Kick. Class 5 arrived at the field to learn AFL with a person named Tim. He explained himself and what AFL is all about. Then we got started in learning the game. A couple of things we learnt was The Drop Punt, The Speckie, Ice cream cone and a couple of rules of the game.

How to do The Drop Punt.
First you have to hold the football facing laces away from faces and you have to have it aiming in the direction you want it to go. With your thumbs on the ball put them near the laces closest to you and the rest of your fingers pointing towards the ground. Hold the ball up in front of your stomach and move your arms up and down in a robot motion. With power coming down from your robot arms kick the ball away.

Next how to catch a ball.
The speckie is a very good and high catch for your ball. When the ball is in mid air you jump up with your left leg up in the air if you're right handed and right leg if you’re left handed. You jump up in the air with your strongest leg on the ground to jump up and weakest leg up and you catch the ball and put it to your chest.

Lucky last how to pass.
When you arę running with the ball the only way to pass it to others is to do a punt. You hold the ball in one hand and the other hand comes from behind and bumps it off.
You pass the ball back and forth from player to player. I hope you learnt something.

#Term 3 Immersion Assembley!

Term 3 theme Game on was announced by a strong and enthusiastic voice from Mr Jacobson. The basic meaning of Game on is all about the commonwealth games held in Glasgow. Mr Jacobson then showed us a video of two of his close friends Brad and Max that competed in the Downhill male bike competition. When Brad came rushing down the hill he did a cool successful 360 meanwhile when max came crashing down the hill he attempted to do a 360. Was it successful or not. The handles of the bike came off. Max wasn’t really proud, meanwhile all of the kids laughed.

Mr Jacobson announced “It’s time for Team 1”. Everyone started to get excited. They showed us the movie. Representatives of South Africa, Fiji and america had to be inspected by the Queen. Mrs George was the queen. As soon as she came up on the screen everyone laughed because she looked very funny in her costume. Finally the movie finished it was a very long movie. The main picture or image of the movie was to let the audience know how to represent their nation. Afterwards when the movie finished we all applauded and Mr Jacobson announced “Team Two”.

The movie started playing and we all watched the Teachers competing together in the Commonwealth games. Miss Eddie as Valerie Adams. Mrs Mcanley Hope and Miss She as sprinters and Miss Dyer as a javelin athlete. All of this was videod Green screen. Halfway through the film you could see the electronic plugs on the wall. Everyone laughed. After they all individually competed they all had a sprint race. This was also filmed in Green screen. The picture behind them was a few athletes sprinting. The teachers acted like they were beating the people behind them (The Picture). Everyone laughed and clapped as the movie finished.

“ It’s time for Team 3” Mr Jacobson said in a very loud voice. Miss Nalda, Miss King, Miss Thompson and Mrs Barks came out in their beautiful Tutus, Hula Hoops, Bouncey balls and Ribbons. Can you guess what this sport is? Thats correct it’s Rhythmic dancing! Mrs Barks explained what Rhythmic dancing is and to help her explain what the sport is they showed us a movie. Rhythmic dancing is a girls only sport. In the movie had girls our age rolling around with a ball, Athletes Hula Hooping, Girls doing cartwheels and more. We were all very astounded as we watched. After the movie all of the Team 3 teachers came out onto the stage and did a reenactment of what just happened here’s a clue it was unsuccessful. Moving along now it’s time for Team 4. Yeah!

The Movie started and we all saw. Mr Sommerville Mr Goodwin and hey wait up Mr Sommerville is disqualified because he cheated. Red card. Anyway Mr Goodwin, Mrs Garden and Miss Ouano all had a mashed potato competition. I thought in my head what does a potato competition have to do with the Commonwealth games but anyway it’s their movie. Mr Goodwin won the competition they had the sound effects of clapping on and the song called “ We arę the champions” sang By Freddie Mercury / Queen. Great ending for the movie.

Around the world. Miss Paget traveled to Atlanta in the USA, Miss Clarke went to New York, Mrs Nua went to Spain and Mrs Squires went to Chile. They showed us a movie. Atlanta (Miss Pagets Trip) was packed with people on the beaches you could hardly even see the sand. We also saw a picture of a very flash car. New York (Miss Clarkes Trip) Selfies with the Kardashians in New York must of been an awesome experience for Miss Clarke. Next can you guess who went to Spain you right. Mrs Nua. She went to support her nephew in a fast motorcycle race. Mrs Nua explain how she felt and all of the noises and adrenalin around was so fast a speedy. Meanwhile Mrs Squires went to Chile. She visited Machu Picchu in Peru. She also found out that over in Peru their favourite sport is Soccer.

Must of been a busy Holidays for our Team 5 teachers.
We all applauded and listened to the music as everyone started to leave the hall. I was so tired because it was a long assembly. Welcome back Pt England school!!!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Plant and Food and Research Visit

Plant and Food and Research Visit

Today three people from The Plant, Food and Research industry came to visit Pt England School to teach us lots about Science and to tell us a little bit about themselves. There names were Lara, Laura and Jacob. They all explained how they became Food Scientist and told us all of the pro’s and con’s of being a Scientist. All three of them explained how they all went to University and studied really hard to get where they arę now. There aim is to teach us all about science and show us some science experiment to try and inspire us to be a Scientist.

They then showed us a experiment. Acid - Having a PH less than 7 “Acid Soils”. Neutral -  Natural. Base - Normal water or something that can dilute things. The Plant, Food and Research industry helped improve the Golden Kiwi Fruit to make it sweeter. First in the experiment Lara poured some cabbage juice into a tube and then poured some vinegar into the tube but before she did that we all had to find out what was going to happen when we add the vinegar. Well we all know that vinegar is an acid and that cabbage juice is a neutral product we can calculate that both of these products add up to a Base. When we added the vinegar the color changed to pink.

We then watched Jacob bring out some Dry Ice. For safety Jacob had to put on some safety gloves because the Dry Ice will burn your skin. As he opened up the lid cold steam came fuming out. Jacob kept on fanning the box all of the cold air was steaming out as we touched the air our nerves felt the chill. For our second experiment Laura and Jacob poured some room temperature water into a container and added some dry ice but before they did that we had to guess what was going to happen. Everyone in the audience were shouting out their ideas to what will happen. Some of the thoughts were that it will explode, Bubble up and fizz. I thought that the dry ice would melt in the container and it will all fizz up. When they added the Dry Ice to the water the ice started to melt and the water started bubbling and it was all fizzing up. Steam was coming out of the container I never knew this would be the reaction. Everybody in the room was cultivated by this.

The lucky last experiment was a very cool and exciting experiment. They made some gooey goo. I was watching very closely to what they were doing so I could make some at home. First Lara and Jacob explained together what they were going to do. The Materials were Diluted PVA glue this means watered down PVA glue, a spoon and food coloring. They added the PVA glue into a container and then put some food coloring in. We all wanted the color green. They then mixed it all together as they pulled some out some gooey goo came out. Everyone wanted a piece!

In the end everyone got a piece of the goo. Now it was time for the questions. Everyone wanted to ask them a question. One at a time people were saying “How do you become a Plant and research person” or “ can I have some more goo”. The Plant Research team really inspired our children from Pt England school to do the best they can in science and maybe they can work their one day if you motivate yourself. Thank you Plant Food and research team you're awesome.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Anamei Understanding Sound

Sound What is it if you would like to know all about sound then click play now!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Anamei Swimming For Life

I devote my life to swimming it means everything to me. I started swimming lessons since I was a toddler. Some people even say “ I was born to swim” or “ I was born in the water”. I feel as if I was meant to swim. Swimming is my passion! My favorite swimming stroke is Butterfly. I like this stroke because it is very challenging for me. Oh and that’s another thing I haven’t told you, I am open to having a challenge.

Here arę 4 of the most familiar strokes that I know:

Freestyle - Starting off with basic streamline ( Arms straight up behind your airs).

Breaststroke - Once again we arę starting off in streamline and then making a small circle in front and kicking in a circular motion.

Backstroke: Familiar to freestyle but on your back you move one arm in a circle backwards. As it passes your ear you turn your hand facing your right side as it goes under the water your left arm comes up and you repeat but if it is your left hand you turn your hand to the left as it passes your ear and same with the right hand.

Butterfly: On your stomach you arę kicking with your legs together at the same time like a mermaid. Every time you kick five times your head comes up and both of your arms go over and you go back under the water and repeat.

In my swimming lessons at the swimarama Panmure pools my coach pushes us to be the best that we can. Our goal is to improve on our swimming and to be the best we can. I visualise being in the swimming olympics and racing with others. One day I hope I be in the Olympics!

Swimming lessons at school on the other hand is not very hard it is easy but continuously swimming with others surrounding me splashing the water it is very distracting. So that is why I pass them. In the front I get alot of room and I can swim freely. At swimming lessons we learn the basics. We learn freestyle, kicking with the board and  back stroke.

Swimming is my life!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Anamei Math

In Class 5 we had a few word questions to answer. We had to work these problems out and show the audience what strategy you have just used. And explain how. I hope you enjoy!!!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday, June 9, 2014

Netball Value The Ball

Every Tuesday afternoon from 4:30 the year 6 to 8 students from each School participate in netball games. Each netball game is held at the ami netball courts. The Year 8 Pt England school Souls team which is my team played against St Kents year 8 team. We had played them the previous week and we got thrashed by 24 points. We all knew that we would have to try our very best and even go the extra mile to win the game.

At practice at lunchtime on Friday we learnt how to Value the ball from our Coach (My teacher) Miss Paget. I pretended that the ball was a piece of Cottage Pie to help me value the ball even more. At practice we were playing half court. Miss Paget taught us that as soon as the whistle gets gos find a space a receive the ball.

After practice we all had a drink of water a planned our positions for Tuesday afternoon. I am always GA. So that means that I am a shooter. Days past Tuesday came and our netball games started at 5:05 o clock. The first quarter started all the whistles blowed. As soon as our Ref said “Play” we were off. I first found a space. I stepped and swerved with the wind and received the ball. I snatched the ball out of the air and lobbed the ball just behind Raeleen so she could just step back into the space and catch the ball.

Everything was swirling around inside my head. I suddenly caught focus and ran into the shooting circle. Raeleen Passed the ball to Faaoune She received the ball from slightly outside the circle. I got free into a space and and caught the ball in mid air I jumped up my knees clashed together I felt a shock. I valued the ball. I thought and concentrated very hard a pushed the ball up into the air just above the hoop and got the goal everyone cheered.

It was St Kents ball when the whistle went I zoomed out a defended my player. When she received the ball I stood back put my arms up and made monkey noises to try and put her off. It didn’t work. They had the ball and passed it down into

the circle and got the goal. The three other quarters passed it has a hard and tough game. We were a tie. 10 all. We tried so hard It was a very very good game!