Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Future Aspirations!

Today the year 7’s and 8’s had a wonderful special visit from a few visitors. They came to teach us and inspire us to do what we love the most in life. We were all patiently waiting for the special visitors to arrive. As they entered the room we were all cheering towards them and created a pathway to let them in. We also sang a waiata ( Song ) to them. The fashionable visitors walked in and we all said “Wow” as they all said “ Hello”. The special visitors were Jason Sharma, Andred Faivera, Arizona Leger and Andrew.

Firstly Andrew came to the front and introduced himself. He also told us why they came to visit us. Andrew then introduced Mr Jason Sharma who is a math teacher at Tamaki College. As soon as Mr Sharma started talking he explained a little bit about himself. He also said “ Arę their any Tongans in the house” some people put their hands up and he said “Well im Samoan”. We all laughed. He’s a pretty funny dude. His saying was “Make you and your Parents proud”.

Then Andrew announced a police man his name was Andred Faivera a Cook Islander. His role in the police industry is to make sure that children feel safe in their community. He also came up with the Kids Safety Day down at Pt England Reserve. He explained that no one from Tamaki College work in the police industry ever in history. His saying was “Dont follow your friends if they arę doing something different in life and you want to have a different job” and “To do what you love to do”. Lucky last Arizona Legar. As soon as she came out I knew that she would be cool. She explained how she has five people in her family She is awesome!

After the Future Aspirations visited Rocky Vea Said “Thankyou”. As they left we all sang a song. Just to be nice. We arę very thankful for them to come and inspire us.

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