Wednesday, July 23, 2014

#Term 3 Immersion Assembley!

Term 3 theme Game on was announced by a strong and enthusiastic voice from Mr Jacobson. The basic meaning of Game on is all about the commonwealth games held in Glasgow. Mr Jacobson then showed us a video of two of his close friends Brad and Max that competed in the Downhill male bike competition. When Brad came rushing down the hill he did a cool successful 360 meanwhile when max came crashing down the hill he attempted to do a 360. Was it successful or not. The handles of the bike came off. Max wasn’t really proud, meanwhile all of the kids laughed.

Mr Jacobson announced “It’s time for Team 1”. Everyone started to get excited. They showed us the movie. Representatives of South Africa, Fiji and america had to be inspected by the Queen. Mrs George was the queen. As soon as she came up on the screen everyone laughed because she looked very funny in her costume. Finally the movie finished it was a very long movie. The main picture or image of the movie was to let the audience know how to represent their nation. Afterwards when the movie finished we all applauded and Mr Jacobson announced “Team Two”.

The movie started playing and we all watched the Teachers competing together in the Commonwealth games. Miss Eddie as Valerie Adams. Mrs Mcanley Hope and Miss She as sprinters and Miss Dyer as a javelin athlete. All of this was videod Green screen. Halfway through the film you could see the electronic plugs on the wall. Everyone laughed. After they all individually competed they all had a sprint race. This was also filmed in Green screen. The picture behind them was a few athletes sprinting. The teachers acted like they were beating the people behind them (The Picture). Everyone laughed and clapped as the movie finished.

“ It’s time for Team 3” Mr Jacobson said in a very loud voice. Miss Nalda, Miss King, Miss Thompson and Mrs Barks came out in their beautiful Tutus, Hula Hoops, Bouncey balls and Ribbons. Can you guess what this sport is? Thats correct it’s Rhythmic dancing! Mrs Barks explained what Rhythmic dancing is and to help her explain what the sport is they showed us a movie. Rhythmic dancing is a girls only sport. In the movie had girls our age rolling around with a ball, Athletes Hula Hooping, Girls doing cartwheels and more. We were all very astounded as we watched. After the movie all of the Team 3 teachers came out onto the stage and did a reenactment of what just happened here’s a clue it was unsuccessful. Moving along now it’s time for Team 4. Yeah!

The Movie started and we all saw. Mr Sommerville Mr Goodwin and hey wait up Mr Sommerville is disqualified because he cheated. Red card. Anyway Mr Goodwin, Mrs Garden and Miss Ouano all had a mashed potato competition. I thought in my head what does a potato competition have to do with the Commonwealth games but anyway it’s their movie. Mr Goodwin won the competition they had the sound effects of clapping on and the song called “ We arÄ™ the champions” sang By Freddie Mercury / Queen. Great ending for the movie.

Around the world. Miss Paget traveled to Atlanta in the USA, Miss Clarke went to New York, Mrs Nua went to Spain and Mrs Squires went to Chile. They showed us a movie. Atlanta (Miss Pagets Trip) was packed with people on the beaches you could hardly even see the sand. We also saw a picture of a very flash car. New York (Miss Clarkes Trip) Selfies with the Kardashians in New York must of been an awesome experience for Miss Clarke. Next can you guess who went to Spain you right. Mrs Nua. She went to support her nephew in a fast motorcycle race. Mrs Nua explain how she felt and all of the noises and adrenalin around was so fast a speedy. Meanwhile Mrs Squires went to Chile. She visited Machu Picchu in Peru. She also found out that over in Peru their favourite sport is Soccer.

Must of been a busy Holidays for our Team 5 teachers.
We all applauded and listened to the music as everyone started to leave the hall. I was so tired because it was a long assembly. Welcome back Pt England school!!!

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