Friday, June 27, 2014

Plant and Food and Research Visit

Plant and Food and Research Visit

Today three people from The Plant, Food and Research industry came to visit Pt England School to teach us lots about Science and to tell us a little bit about themselves. There names were Lara, Laura and Jacob. They all explained how they became Food Scientist and told us all of the pro’s and con’s of being a Scientist. All three of them explained how they all went to University and studied really hard to get where they arÄ™ now. There aim is to teach us all about science and show us some science experiment to try and inspire us to be a Scientist.

They then showed us a experiment. Acid - Having a PH less than 7 “Acid Soils”. Neutral -  Natural. Base - Normal water or something that can dilute things. The Plant, Food and Research industry helped improve the Golden Kiwi Fruit to make it sweeter. First in the experiment Lara poured some cabbage juice into a tube and then poured some vinegar into the tube but before she did that we all had to find out what was going to happen when we add the vinegar. Well we all know that vinegar is an acid and that cabbage juice is a neutral product we can calculate that both of these products add up to a Base. When we added the vinegar the color changed to pink.

We then watched Jacob bring out some Dry Ice. For safety Jacob had to put on some safety gloves because the Dry Ice will burn your skin. As he opened up the lid cold steam came fuming out. Jacob kept on fanning the box all of the cold air was steaming out as we touched the air our nerves felt the chill. For our second experiment Laura and Jacob poured some room temperature water into a container and added some dry ice but before they did that we had to guess what was going to happen. Everyone in the audience were shouting out their ideas to what will happen. Some of the thoughts were that it will explode, Bubble up and fizz. I thought that the dry ice would melt in the container and it will all fizz up. When they added the Dry Ice to the water the ice started to melt and the water started bubbling and it was all fizzing up. Steam was coming out of the container I never knew this would be the reaction. Everybody in the room was cultivated by this.

The lucky last experiment was a very cool and exciting experiment. They made some gooey goo. I was watching very closely to what they were doing so I could make some at home. First Lara and Jacob explained together what they were going to do. The Materials were Diluted PVA glue this means watered down PVA glue, a spoon and food coloring. They added the PVA glue into a container and then put some food coloring in. We all wanted the color green. They then mixed it all together as they pulled some out some gooey goo came out. Everyone wanted a piece!

In the end everyone got a piece of the goo. Now it was time for the questions. Everyone wanted to ask them a question. One at a time people were saying “How do you become a Plant and research person” or “ can I have some more goo”. The Plant Research team really inspired our children from Pt England school to do the best they can in science and maybe they can work their one day if you motivate yourself. Thank you Plant Food and research team you're awesome.

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