Monday, June 23, 2014

Anamei Swimming For Life

I devote my life to swimming it means everything to me. I started swimming lessons since I was a toddler. Some people even say “ I was born to swim” or “ I was born in the water”. I feel as if I was meant to swim. Swimming is my passion! My favorite swimming stroke is Butterfly. I like this stroke because it is very challenging for me. Oh and that’s another thing I haven’t told you, I am open to having a challenge.

Here arę 4 of the most familiar strokes that I know:

Freestyle - Starting off with basic streamline ( Arms straight up behind your airs).

Breaststroke - Once again we arę starting off in streamline and then making a small circle in front and kicking in a circular motion.

Backstroke: Familiar to freestyle but on your back you move one arm in a circle backwards. As it passes your ear you turn your hand facing your right side as it goes under the water your left arm comes up and you repeat but if it is your left hand you turn your hand to the left as it passes your ear and same with the right hand.

Butterfly: On your stomach you arę kicking with your legs together at the same time like a mermaid. Every time you kick five times your head comes up and both of your arms go over and you go back under the water and repeat.

In my swimming lessons at the swimarama Panmure pools my coach pushes us to be the best that we can. Our goal is to improve on our swimming and to be the best we can. I visualise being in the swimming olympics and racing with others. One day I hope I be in the Olympics!

Swimming lessons at school on the other hand is not very hard it is easy but continuously swimming with others surrounding me splashing the water it is very distracting. So that is why I pass them. In the front I get alot of room and I can swim freely. At swimming lessons we learn the basics. We learn freestyle, kicking with the board and  back stroke.

Swimming is my life!

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