Friday, August 22, 2014

Class 5's Evening Art

Today in my class we are learning all about my Warm and Cool colors. Our task is to sketch a basic outline of a Sea animal, a flying bird or a Native animal. 

We can choose to color the background a cool color and do the animal or creature a warm creature. Or we could decide to do the background a warm color and the animal a cool color. Either way works.

For my animal I choose to draw a basic Jelly Fish. Later we draw designs and patterns on our art work. We are painting our art with either a Primary color , Secondary color or a Tertiary color. We are mixing and combining our colors together on our art. So that it will blend in.  

When I do my art work I hoe that it turns out all right. Wish me luck!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Our Colors!

Arę you a colors person? Do you like colors? Well if you do then thats the Spirit. Greetings my name is Anamei and I am a year 8 student at Pt England school. I love colors, don’t you think colors brighten up your day. To me colors arę everything from the beginning when the only colors were black and white until now when we have all the colors that we could possibly need.

What are the three primary colors? Well the three primary colors are a useful set of colors that you can combine together to create a range of other colors.
The primary colors can create orange, violet, and green these arę called secondary colors.  Red + yellow = orange. Red and blue = violet. Blue and yellow = green.

If you mix these colors together they create tertiary colors. Orange + yellow = yellow/orange. Red + orange = red/Orange. Red + violet = red/violet. Blue + violet = blue/violet. Blue + green = blue/green. Green + yellow = green/yellow. Tertiary colors  arę the colors that has been combined between to of the secondary colors.

Do you know what cold and warm colors arę? Well cold colors arę mainly the dark colors. The cold colours arę purple, violet, light blue, blue, dark green, and green.
The warm colors arę red, orange, orange/yellow, gold, yellow and lime Green.

Here arę some art related words -
Tint - lighten Up
Shade - make it darker

When I was a little kid I always used to draw pictures and paint a lot.  What I need to tell you then is to keep coloring!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Do you enjoy a fun and in some parts accelerating sport? If you do then rhythmic gymnastics is the sport for you. Greetings my name is Anamei and I love the art of rhythmic gymnastics. Since I was eight years old I have been convinced by the beautiful rhythmic dancers moves. Join me in a spectacular journey of rhythmic gymnastics you will really want to have a go.

Rhythmic gymnastics can be very hard at first but when you practise and practise you will be a champion and get the hang of it. This sport uses the elements of ballet, dance, and apparatus. The main objective of this sport is to impress the judges with their agility and flourishing motions on the floor.

Competitors dance and bloom on a big dance floor in front of lots of people.
Athletes can express their talents through five different apparatus (clubs, hoop, ball, rope and ribbon).

The clubs arę made out of plastic. They weigh approximately 150 grams. Each athlete uses hand eye coordination and alot of focus. The clubs act like juggling balls. Competitors can dance around by mixing and mashing their talents in with the apparatus. Athletes in using this apparatus can use the skills such as a small throw, large throw ,small flick and more professional skills.

The ball is made out of rubber plastic and is approximately 400 grams. It is 18-20cm in diametre. Using this apparatus the athlete uses the skills such as rolling on the ground and creating a figure eight. The athlete and the ball dance to music in harmony.

The rope is made out of hemp or another synthetic material. The height of the rope has to be about the same size or bigger than the athlete. Routines with the rope apparatus contains high springs, very large leaps and more skills.

Made up of silk and a 6 metre long silk or satin ribbon. One of my favourite beautiful apparatus that I like the best is the Ribbon. The most remarkable and outstanding apparatus of them all is the Ribbon. Athletes can use various skills to create a extraordinary applause by the audience.

The hoop is made of plastic, weighs a minimum of 300 grams and has an interior diameter of approximately 80-90cm to suit the height of the gymnast. This apparatus uses the elements or skills of strong bold movement. Also including delicate rolls .

Athletes who choose to perform alone may only choose one apparatus but if athletes choose to perform in groups of five get to use two apparatus.

Well I have to break it to you but it leaves me no choice to say goodbye. Dont fret this is just the beginning of your journey not the end. I hope that you have a interest in Rhythmic Gymnastics. Have I convinced you.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Math DLO Week 2

WALT - We are learning to solve subtraction problems by changing one of the numbers to make it a whole number. I hope you learn this strategy and enjoy my DLO!!!

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