Monday, July 8, 2013

Litracy post

In Determination the boy climbed the cliff.  D
The boy prayed to lord and thanked him for not dieing. A
The boy was so so tired.. He finally reach the dojo of power.D
The sensei was standing there he pointed away and shut the door.A
 The boy felt sad because he got rejected.D
He was disappointed so he went and meditated all day and all night. iA
the sensi went outside and saw that he has still there.D

Monday, July 1, 2013

spoken word

Today joshua came to our school and he taught us about spoken word.These arÄ™ some ideas. He drew up a scribble on the board and wanted us to describe it. It looked like a bird a snake and a worm. There has also a hashtag and i thought it looked like noughts and crosses. It looked like graffitti.
I would like to  stand up to bullies.Last year a year 8 always used to bully me they embarrassed me and every laughed at me. If you walk to school it will save fumes from going into the air and less people have to breathe fumes. If everyone in the world dropped a piece of rubbish on the ground there wouldn't be anything left of the world.