Monday, December 12, 2011

One line Aurthors story

Today we are going to write a diferrent peice of writing.
This is my imaginary silly story.

I can see colourful bubbles in the air at night

I am with Beyonces mother
I can hear a fox
I can smell cookies cooking
I am at a rugby game
I am playing netball

Friday, November 18, 2011

Anameis Immersion Assembly

Guess what we did in the morning today? We had an immersion assembly! At the Immersion Assembly Mr Burt announced that the theme for this term was Outta This World. I think our theme is about space.

Team one made a movie about making a sun and wondering where is the sun. Then they painted a bright yellow sun, they added some ribbons and a face to it, then staple it on the wall.

Next it was time for team 2 to put on there show. I wondered if they would be good enough to take on team 1. Team 2 had a dance to go with this planet song. I think they were pretending to be robots. They looked neat with there robot hats and with there cool dance moves.They looked spectacular.

Can you guess who was next? Well what do you know its team 4s time to have fun.
Wow they have a song a dance and a movie that is spectacular. The music was the wiggles twinkle twinkle little star song.And my teacher was a ballerina and he was messing up on purpose.
That was a wonderful performance team 4.

Now Its time for Team 5. Can you Guess what they did for there theme?They had a movie of star wars.There were teachers pretending to be star wars characters .They were Hilarius and so so funny.

That was the story of my school immersion assembly.

Anameis magical ice cream comet

Hi there and welecome to my story called Anameis Magical Ice Cream Comet! Now On Monday my class room fifteen made some ice cream comets. And Today im going to tell you the basic steps of how to make ice cream comets. Now to make ice cream comets you need the ingredients and those ingredients are biscuits, ice cream, hundreds and thousands, forks, a plastic bag, a rolling pin, ice cream cones and an ice cream scoop. Thats your ingredients. Can you guess whats next? Its time to use our ingredients and get into making magical ice cream comets. First we need to get some biscuits and put them into our plastic bag. Now we have to use our rolling pin to squash and bash the biscuits in the the plactic bag then get a plate or something to put the biscuits on. Then you add the hundreds and thousands to the biscuits. Then We finally get to use our ice cream scoop to scoop out the ice cream. Then we have to put ice cream on our ice cream cone and then we have to dip it into the biscuits and sprinkles.Finally we use our forks to squash our ice cream down. Finally the moment weve been waiting for we get to eat our ice cream comets. When I tasted my ice cream comet it tasted delicous. After we ate our ice cream people were scavenging for more like me. I hope you enjoyed!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Aussie Rules

Guess what we do on Wednesday?We play Aussie Rules!

To play Aussie rules we will need to use these pieces of equipment. An oval sized ball like a rugby ball that is called a kick, cones and 4 goal posts. I think that these equipment will be easy to use.

First we learned this skill called the drop punt. All you have to do is to keep the crosses up to the sky and laces away from your faces. I think that the drop punt is just like a drop kick in rugby because its similar to rugby. Some people think the drop punt is awkward but I don't.

Then we learnt this skill called hand ball. All you need to do is hold the kiwi kick ball and get your fist beside your hip and then aim it to the other player.

My favourite part about this whole session of Aussie Rules was when we played the real game of Aussie rules. I hope that next term we will get to play Aussie Rules again.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Spectacular New Zealand

The rugby world cup is bringing lots of people to New Zealand, but there arę more here then just a cup.

Some people In New Zealand arę Kiwis because a kiwi is an animal that lives in New Zealand. In New Zealand there arę indigenous Maori people.

In New Zealand there arę native animals, like Kiwi's, Tuatara, Weta and fantails. Kiwis are animals from New Zealand.

If you arę here to see some of the 48 world cup rugby games, remember to also take time out to inspect more of our stunning country.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cross Country

Hi there my name is Anamei and I’m going to tell you all about what the whole school did on Wednesday.

First we had to walk to the reserve and meet Mr Burt. When I heard Mr Burt say, "get set, get ready, GO". I felt nervous because there were speedy and courageous runners.

When I ran I sprinted with the windy breeze. By the time I passed Ms Squires and the bridge I puffed and puffed because I was getting tired. There were massive rocks, rickety tracks and dangerous sharp sticks poking out of the water. I think that this track is dangerous because we might fall into the water.

When I saw Mr Marks videoing me running up the hill I smiled and laughed with joy. Then I ran over the bridge to the big tree and passed Mr Barks. Yes I made it to the finish line and I feel so proud of myself right now because I made it. YEAH!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Guess what? In the last few weeks room fifteen had some one coming in to teach us how to play badminton, her name was Lorene.
First she taught us the basics, like how to serve a shuttle with a racket and how to hit a shuttle. The next few weeks she taught us how to hit a shuttle by a fore hand and back hand. We tried to hit the shuttle in to the bin. I felt amazed that I got two shuttles in.
The next week we had the other teacher teaching us and her name was Donna. She taught us how to play badminton soccer. First you have to get into a team of four and then play against the other team of four. The aim of the game is to try and hit the shuttle over the net and make the other team have to try and hit it. If they miss then the person that tried to hit the shuttle looses points and the other team get 1 point. I guess that the whole point of badminton is all about focusing on the shuttle not focusing on the racket.
We hit the shuttle three times then we hit the shuttle with the racket under my leg and guess what I fell over.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Frozen New Zealand

In Dunedin the snow fell on the sheep's heavy coat. The snow came with the blistering wind which hit from the south pole. The lambs were very cold because they don't have a thick coat of wool like there moms.

Monday, August 15, 2011

The first rugby ball

In the 1800’s the first rugby ball was made from raw pig’s bladder.The raw pig’s bladder was extremely smelly and unhealthy.
Some people had to breath through the raw pig’s bladder to blow the ball up. Not many people did that because breathing into a raw pig’s bladder was not a popular task. Instead of breathing into pig’s bladder they used a stem clay pipe.
Later on people made rugby balls out of rubber.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Holidays

In my holidays I went to my cousins house and played passes with the rugby ball.
We played kicks with the rugby ball across the road too!
We went to the movies and watched Harry Potter during the holidays too. I would like to tell you what happened, but I would give it away.
I had a wonderful holiday.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My cushons

We are making cushions.This is my first design for my cushion. Our topic is bigger better faster stronger ,which is all about technology .

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Guess what?! It's swimming time.

This animation was created by me to show our short trip to our local pools. We love to swim and learn how to bigger, better, faster and stronger in water!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Guess where room fifteen went to? We went to the G.I pools. We went with room seventeen. We went swimming for two weeks.

On the way to the pools my bag rustled. It was very cold on the way to the pools. When we got to the pools I got changed in to my togs sensibly. I went swimming in the big pool.

We were practicing Freestyle, backstroke and nemo. I am very good at free style. After we did that I had a nice rinse in the shower then we headed back to school. On the way to the school we put on our jumpers, I was walking with Taamai, she is my best friend.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My trip to Rarotonga

My trip to Rarotonga

Guess where me my family and I went? We went to Rarotonga.

It is my first time going out of Auckland, New Zealand. It felt very fascinating when I hopped on the plane. When I took my first step on the plane it felt very cold.There was a lady standing by the door waiting for me to step on the plane and she gave me a toy bag to play with during the trip .When I sat in the seat there was a t.v on the back of the chair in front of me. I felt a rumble and a wriggle and then we were moving very fast. Then we were in the air. I looked out the window and I saw heaps of clouds outside. I felt so excited because we were in the air.
My trip to Rarotonga took 4 hours. When we left Auckland the time was 11:30. On the plane there was some writing which said New Zealand.

We are going to Rarotonga for a reason. The reason is my cousin is having her 30th birthday over there. While we were sitting down I was watching Harry Potter the deadly hallows. When we were on our way I had a macaroni pie .When we arrived at the airport it looked different compared to our airport at Auckland. When I hopped out of the plane it was like a sauna.

First I got to get a cool motorbike ride to this place called Villa Onemaru. When my cousins and I got there, we went into the relaxing pool. It was not even cold it was warm. Then we went inside and played pool. After that it was night time so we had to go to bed. When I woke we had to evacuate the building because there was Tsunami warning. When the people woke us up I did not want to wake up and get changed. When we arrived at the hotel this lady said that the tsunami will come from Japan. After that I had some cornflakes. It was yummy. Then we went back to Villa Onemaru. We stayed there for 2 days, then we went to the hotel. Our hotel was called the Rarotongan Resort.

At the hotel it is cool. We were staying in room 508, and there was a huge pool there and heaps of people playing in the pool. We are staying at the hotel for 5 days. I am did some kayaking at the beach with my aunt Penny. We went to look for a fish and we found a big one. I got to hold that fish but we couldn't keep it for long. I did some snorkeling with my cousins and we saw heaps of colourful fish.

One day we went on Captain Tama’s glass bottomed boat.Under the boat i saw a big colourful
fish as big as my hand. Captain Tama had a great big huge slimy gooey octopus on his shoulder.

My trip to Rarotonga was amazingly fun.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Making Towers

Guess what half of room fifteen did on Monday? We made towers. We had to get into a group of three and try to build a tower as tall as possible. It had to stand up without anyone holding it. The people in my group were Taeshell, Ane and Asena.

My group and I were making cylinders. After we rolled our cylinders, we put them all in a row and sellotaped them together. We tried to make a box at the bottom but our tower fell down like a tree. We tried to think of a way to keep it standing but it still fell down. Then it was time to stop. We did not win. Our group was sad.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

On my chocolate cookie i saw five chocolate freckles.I flipped my buiscuit we saw more chocolate freckles under it.Then i ate a freckle and it was spectacular .

On my cookie i saw heaps of crevices on the top.Underneath there were none.I saw millions of crevices.

When i ate a chocolate chip cookie my mouth watered.It was crisp and crunchy.

The biscuit felt like i was in heaven.
By Anamei

Holiday highlights

Holiday Highlights
On February the second i went to rainbows end for my cousins birthday.I went on the Invader it spins around and goes up hills its very fast. I felt so so so happy that i just went on the ride. Then I went on the roller coaster It was very fast i felt like i was going to be sick but i was not. Then I went on the log flume i was scared of the frog in the water.It was fun.Then we went on the Gold Coast. I felt nervous.I went on the bumper boats it was so much fun.I got wet bit then me and my cousin went to go and play at her house .
I hope you liked my story.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Christchurch had an earthquake and a building fell ‘it was sad.
In Christchurch the cathedral fell down and it will be very hard to build it again.
When the earthquake houses got destroyed.
During the earthquake happened a huge church collapsed.
During the earthquake buildings collapsed.
All of the shops collapsed and cars were squashed.
By Anamei

Anameis poem

A - Ants
N -netball
A -apple
M -mentos
E -eggs
I -indoor hockey

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Anamei's New Blog

Welcome to 2011 and Anamei's new blog.
She is now in year 5 - click here to see her work from year 4.