Friday, September 30, 2011

Aussie Rules

Guess what we do on Wednesday?We play Aussie Rules!

To play Aussie rules we will need to use these pieces of equipment. An oval sized ball like a rugby ball that is called a kick, cones and 4 goal posts. I think that these equipment will be easy to use.

First we learned this skill called the drop punt. All you have to do is to keep the crosses up to the sky and laces away from your faces. I think that the drop punt is just like a drop kick in rugby because its similar to rugby. Some people think the drop punt is awkward but I don't.

Then we learnt this skill called hand ball. All you need to do is hold the kiwi kick ball and get your fist beside your hip and then aim it to the other player.

My favourite part about this whole session of Aussie Rules was when we played the real game of Aussie rules. I hope that next term we will get to play Aussie Rules again.

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  1. Hello Anamei! Your description of Aussie rules is great - you might be able to teach it to your friends and family after school! Have you thought about writing about some of the rules when you play? That could be very helpful :)Great job.


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