Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cross Country

Hi there my name is Anamei and I’m going to tell you all about what the whole school did on Wednesday.

First we had to walk to the reserve and meet Mr Burt. When I heard Mr Burt say, "get set, get ready, GO". I felt nervous because there were speedy and courageous runners.

When I ran I sprinted with the windy breeze. By the time I passed Ms Squires and the bridge I puffed and puffed because I was getting tired. There were massive rocks, rickety tracks and dangerous sharp sticks poking out of the water. I think that this track is dangerous because we might fall into the water.

When I saw Mr Marks videoing me running up the hill I smiled and laughed with joy. Then I ran over the bridge to the big tree and passed Mr Barks. Yes I made it to the finish line and I feel so proud of myself right now because I made it. YEAH!

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