Friday, December 14, 2012

Netbook Reflection

Hi my name is Anamei Graham and I am a year 6 student from Pt England School. I like it how we work on our netbook because it is a easier and faster way to learn. Last Last year we had to use a pencil and paper because we were too young for a netbook. Sometimes when we do our task’s on our netbook they can be very challenging.  

My parents think that it is wonderful that we can learn on technology but also it is good to keep up the hand writing because ever since we had technology we dont usually send letters to family and friend’s but now we can use G-Mail , Hotmail , yahoo mail and all sorts of stuff like that.

When we write in our netbook it is very easy because when we type in a mistake it automatically fixes it for you. I think that next year I would definitly have a netbook.

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Hey everyone my name is Anamei Graham and I am going to tell you all about me and my family.
First my Dad he Is like the master of our house he's the boss. My dad works at OCL connecting wires for the phone. My Mum on the other side just goes down to my Nana's and looks after my Granddad But in the olden days she used to work with my Dad but when I came along she had to Quit because she had to look after me.

I love my parents because they look after me and always are on my side. Even if your parents growl you they always love you because your their child. And If you are having a bad time at school they will look out for you. Always remember to respect your parent and they will respect you.

Friday, December 7, 2012

The park

In the weekend I went to St pius to play basket ball with my neighbours. I have a gate that leads you to the St pius school but it is only for my family because we have a key for it and we don't want to have anyone go threw our backyard. I asked my neighbours Lopea , Papila , Tuati and Langa If they were aloud to come  to the park and they said they were aloud.

As soon as we got there we sorted out our teams. We didn't have much players so we ended up laying muster. You know how to play master right. You must. I was the first person to get a goal and I went around the world. Then we went and played on the playground and played the game tag. I was In and finally caught papila and then he caught me!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

My funny story at camp

Hi my name is Anamei and I am a year six student at pt England school. On the 20th of november we left to got to Kawau Island for a camp called Camp Bentzon. On our way to our destination we saw lots of pine cone trees and saw a dead hedgehog. ooh when I was in the front of the bus I saw a close view of it and I was not happy at all. When we finally made it to our destination I was feeling so sick. Then the ferry was loaded with all our gear and bags we boarded the ferry and I sat inside because up top was a little bit cold. It took an hour to get to Kawau Island.

When we finally arrived we skipped off the ferry and rolled our suitcases out and when we got to our rooms we made our beds. When we came to where we were meant to meet we went for a swim. I jumped of the wharf. For my first jump it was pretty deep but as I got used to it felt like it was getting shallow. Then someone pushed me off and I landed on my back.

Everyone was laughing at me and I was like so ashamed. That was the worst time ever. It wasn't really sore but for the person who pushed me of seriously got into a lot of trouble.