Friday, December 14, 2012

Netbook Reflection

Hi my name is Anamei Graham and I am a year 6 student from Pt England School. I like it how we work on our netbook because it is a easier and faster way to learn. Last Last year we had to use a pencil and paper because we were too young for a netbook. Sometimes when we do our task’s on our netbook they can be very challenging.  

My parents think that it is wonderful that we can learn on technology but also it is good to keep up the hand writing because ever since we had technology we dont usually send letters to family and friend’s but now we can use G-Mail , Hotmail , yahoo mail and all sorts of stuff like that.

When we write in our netbook it is very easy because when we type in a mistake it automatically fixes it for you. I think that next year I would definitly have a netbook.

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