Thursday, July 31, 2014

#Trip to the Civic Theatre

37 students had the amazing privilege to go to the Auckland City Civic Theatre. We went to the Auckland Civic Theatre to watch lots of short animations created from people all around the world. As we waited and waited for Mrs Nua to come in the morning She finally arrived. We couldn’t even wait till She got out of the car, we all were chasing her to give her our permission slips. It was so funny.

As we arrive at the Civic Theatre. We entered an amazing room, we were all glaring at the beautiful Designs and Art on the wall. It was just like we were entering a Castle. We were escorted to the main Theatre by a man named Paul. As we were seated we could see lots of other schools entering as well.

The animations then started. It started off with a movie all about numbers. These little creatures were making lots of numbers in a factory. One creature decided that he has had enough of making number. So the five best friends stayed late in the factory, locked the door and started creating. They created the letter A but the didn’t know what to call it. One suggested Z but the others didn’t think it would fit in. So they named it A. They all built the rest of the letters named them their proper names until the letter Z. Then number one creature suggested Z. The letters brought happiness to The Numberville City. My favourite part when it was time to sleep they let out all of the Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzs. I believe that was how we created the Alphabet.

Another one of my Favourite movies were a movie about a Dog whose nose jumped out of the picture of the Dog. So the Dog had to chase and look for the nose. The Nose went to The Circus, Candy shop and all over The World. Finally after searching and searching of the Dogs nose the Dog found it and thaught that The nose didn’t want him anymore but no one would choose over a Dog. At the end of the movie The Dog and The Nose became very good friends and lived happily ever after.

My highlight of the trip was watching the animations and having the young children at the back laughing at every single word. To us older kids we didn’t get how funny it was because most parts of the videos wasn’t funny anyway. I thank the people who gave us this opportunity to take their time and time of others to make this event come possible. The Trip to the Civic Theatre has awesome!


  1. Hello World
    I hope that you enjoy my writing and the suggest lots of different genres for me to write. Thanks anyway. Anamei

  2. Great Anamei, I am pleased you enjoyed the videos. I am sure they will help with ideas for our film we will be making for the film festival. Was there any one skills with movie making that inspired you?


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