Thursday, July 24, 2014

#Preparing for a Weekend at my Nans!

Preparing for a Weekend at my Nans!

As we arrive at my Nana's house at Mangere I peek outside the window of the car and see a glance of my annoying but funny little Niece Kyan. We park up and enter the room. I see my Cousin and Nana sitting down watching Television. I say “Hi” . They say “Wow you have grown tall”. They say that because I am taller than both of them. I peek into one room I see My other Cousin Sarah and her little 5 month old Baby Retiana. She is so cute. She was crying when I walked in but as soon as I see her she stopped. Something must have happened. Did I do something. Sarah made a milk bottle for her and I held her. Her warm body cosying up to mine felt nice and soft.

My Mum, Aunt (Linda) and Niece (Mya) entered the room. Mya was occupied with my little niece Kyan. I then gave Retiana over to my Mum to hold because I was heading outside to go and get my bags and blanket. My Mum, Aunt and niece had a cup of tea and a very long talk. 3 hours later they left. Normally when it is just my Mum dropping me off she only stays for 1 hour not three but anyway when they left it has nearly 6:00 o clock.

At 7:00 o clock my programme shortland street was on. Then Highway cops was on. So I was booked on the Television. I fell asleep on the couch and nobody woke me up. So I had a very sore neck in the morning.  We then went to the supermarket to by some food. When we got back I played with the Turtles. Oh thats right I forgot to tell you that my Nana had two Turtles.

The two Turtles were so cool. If they bite you it is so sore. They have very sharp teeth. Blood will come out and it will be very painful. I found that out from my Nanna and believe me as soon as I found out I immediately put them back in their homes, washed my hands and played with the cat Pudding.Pudding is a cat that fights back if you irritate her. Pudding likes me because I can hold her properly.  

Ring, ring, ring, ring. My phone went off. I dropped Pudding and left to answer it. It was my Mum on the phone. She just wanted to let me know that she was going to pick me up early in the morning because we were going to go to Ambury farm.

7:00 am in the morning my Mum was here I got my things ready, said my goodbyes and left. On our way to Ambury Farm we were. As we arrived at Ambury Farm we I could see all of the Sheep, Baby Lambs, Cows, Horses, Baby Cows, Pigs, Hens, Chickens and Goats. The best thing about this trip to Ambury Farm is that it is free. I went to see the sheep, Lambs, Cows and Horses by myself alone. Then My Mum caught up with me and went to see the rest of the Ambury Farms.

Finally we stopped at a shop to buy me a loom kit it was so cool. My Mum is so Kind. My Holidays were boring and fun at the same time. I am so thankful that our School has Holiday or else it will make life a misery for me.

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