Wednesday, July 23, 2014


AFL stands for Australian football league. It is familiar to the game Kiwi Kick. Class 5 arrived at the field to learn AFL with a person named Tim. He explained himself and what AFL is all about. Then we got started in learning the game. A couple of things we learnt was The Drop Punt, The Speckie, Ice cream cone and a couple of rules of the game.

How to do The Drop Punt.
First you have to hold the football facing laces away from faces and you have to have it aiming in the direction you want it to go. With your thumbs on the ball put them near the laces closest to you and the rest of your fingers pointing towards the ground. Hold the ball up in front of your stomach and move your arms up and down in a robot motion. With power coming down from your robot arms kick the ball away.

Next how to catch a ball.
The speckie is a very good and high catch for your ball. When the ball is in mid air you jump up with your left leg up in the air if you're right handed and right leg if you’re left handed. You jump up in the air with your strongest leg on the ground to jump up and weakest leg up and you catch the ball and put it to your chest.

Lucky last how to pass.
When you arÄ™ running with the ball the only way to pass it to others is to do a punt. You hold the ball in one hand and the other hand comes from behind and bumps it off.
You pass the ball back and forth from player to player. I hope you learnt something.

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