Thursday, August 30, 2012

Valerie Adams The Queen Of Shot Put

HI my name is Anamei and I am going to tell you all about my favourite Athlete?
Can you guess who is my favourite Athlete is ? Well my favourite athlete is Valerie Adams!!!
She is like the Queen of shot put.Valerie Adams is a very strong woman she is nice to people she never gives up and she always tells the truth.

Valerie Adams is from New Zealand the long white cloud. Valerie Adams Culture is Tongan and Samoan.
Even though Valerie Adams is From Samoa and Tonga does not mean that  she is not a New Zealander.
Valerie Adams weighs 120 kgs.That means that she is a very heavy woman for her age.

Valerie Adams in the Shot put.Did you know that Valerie Adams won 13 gold medals including the Beijing Olympics and alos the london olympics.

When i grow up i would like to be just like Valerie Adams and win lots of gold medals.


  1. Hello Anamei now I know about her because of the story you have put on your blogs.

  2. Thank you Anamei! :]

  3. great work! anamei


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