Friday, May 20, 2011

Making Towers

Guess what half of room fifteen did on Monday? We made towers. We had to get into a group of three and try to build a tower as tall as possible. It had to stand up without anyone holding it. The people in my group were Taeshell, Ane and Asena.

My group and I were making cylinders. After we rolled our cylinders, we put them all in a row and sellotaped them together. We tried to make a box at the bottom but our tower fell down like a tree. We tried to think of a way to keep it standing but it still fell down. Then it was time to stop. We did not win. Our group was sad.

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  1. Hey Anamei it me Mele.I like your wirting about a tower.When I came to your class I was making a tower to and the people with me was Hope Me Doris and Quziyah.We didn't win to but we tryed and Yous tryed to.thats's good yous were trying like us welldone on your tower.

    by Mele


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