Friday, November 18, 2011

Anameis Immersion Assembly

Guess what we did in the morning today? We had an immersion assembly! At the Immersion Assembly Mr Burt announced that the theme for this term was Outta This World. I think our theme is about space.

Team one made a movie about making a sun and wondering where is the sun. Then they painted a bright yellow sun, they added some ribbons and a face to it, then staple it on the wall.

Next it was time for team 2 to put on there show. I wondered if they would be good enough to take on team 1. Team 2 had a dance to go with this planet song. I think they were pretending to be robots. They looked neat with there robot hats and with there cool dance moves.They looked spectacular.

Can you guess who was next? Well what do you know its team 4s time to have fun.
Wow they have a song a dance and a movie that is spectacular. The music was the wiggles twinkle twinkle little star song.And my teacher was a ballerina and he was messing up on purpose.
That was a wonderful performance team 4.

Now Its time for Team 5. Can you Guess what they did for there theme?They had a movie of star wars.There were teachers pretending to be star wars characters .They were Hilarius and so so funny.

That was the story of my school immersion assembly.


  1. wow Anamei I really like your story about Immersion assembly and I really like how you make your paragraphs more interesting even when you talk about what happen next. You made me understand what were you talking about, and Mr Marks was so funny when he was doing the Ballerina moves it was funny. But anyway I love your story
    keep it up with all your writing when you put it on your blog.

  2. Hey Anamei,

    That was a very detailed piece of writing about the Immersion assembly! I really liked how you used some interesting vocabulary.

    Keep up the great work Anamei!


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