Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mini cross country

Last week most of the senior block went for a run. At first I thought we were all going to play capture the flag , but when we walked  to the end of the school I knew that we weren't going to play a game. We had to run along the fence line.

On your mark get set go! Ms Djamali said.
Everyone started running. It was a stampede running over me. I got back up and ran in the mud I did not realise that it was there. I fell in the mud and everyone laughed at me. They hurt my feelings.

I got back up and started running. I ran in front of my mates and left them all behind. I was wasted by the time I got to the end of the run. We ran past all of the horses and the cows.

We finally finished the ran and went back to class but I had to go to soccer practice;    I was so tired.


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  2. Hi Anamei

    I really like your writing about the mini cross country it's really interesting and because I think your are the best writer and I think you have a great attitude.

    from Timo

    1. Thanks timo for writing me a message!
      I really appreciate. I dont really get messages i have been OTL.
      LOL (laugh out loud)


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