Monday, October 29, 2012

St Heliers beach

On Sunday M Mum , Dad and I went to the St Heliers Beach. As soon as we got there I ran out with my surfboard and ran straight towards the water. I stood in the water like a  soldier tall and slim. The water was very warm.

As I walked down towards the buoys I felt a slimy tentacle run down my leg I knew that it was something. So I looked down by my legs and it was just a seaweed running down my leg. I saw some massive wave out towards the buoys so I decided to go surf out there.

But as I got there  I was at the channel. I swam back into shore I knew  I wasn't safe at the channel and that I should've left as soon as I realised but hey at least I made it to shore. As I walked along the beach I found some amazing sea shells.

That Day at the st Heliers beach was so fun !!!

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