Thursday, December 12, 2013

Action world

Can you guess where the year sevens got up to on Friday?
We went to Action World out in Henderson! It was the year sevens big day out.
8:20 am we finally departed from pt england school. It took 15 or 20 minutes to get to our destination. It felt like hours. On our way to Action world we were all singing song and playing sweet and sour.

When we finally arrived at action world we all got split up into groups and headed of with our teachers to our first event.  Our group went to the rock climbing wall first. I volunteered to go first. I tried to reach the top but my hands were aching in pain. So I deliberately fell of and landed safely on the soft air bag on my back. Once everybody had a turn we moved over to the jungle swings it was so fun.

Henry went first but he has too scared he has acting like a baby. So instead I went I volunteered to go. I used my super stretchy monkey arms to reach the next bar. We were supposed to jump over something but the time ran out to we just landed safely on our back. Everybody had a turn before the whistle was blown for us to switch over.

We then moved over to the crazy ladder. It was crazy all right. It was moving all over the place most of us did not even make it to the top. Once we were finished on the crazy ladd we moved over to the jump and slide. It was awesome. I chose to jump first and then have fun on the slide. When I went on the slide it was like a building was falling over. I went on the slide like 10 times and the jump 7 or 8 times.

After that we had lunch and then we had free time. It was awesome that put up the fighting bridge. Me and Yixin had a cool as fight. I took it easy on her. I deliberately jumped off the bridge.
We then had time to jump on the Large Trap eez it was so fun.

Then it has time to say goodbye to action world and their staff. It was  sad that we had to leave but at least we had a good time. Thankyou action world.

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