Friday, March 30, 2012

Dream World

Hi my name is Anamei,I am 9 years old. Last night I had a wonderful dream. It was about me in a world that let you have anything you want all you have to do is say what you want and it will appear for you. That world was called Dream world. There I was standing in the middle of a plain world. I said I would like a castle made out of diamonds and next minute it was right there I went inside and it was so shiny. Then I sad ill have a 10 quality sized bedrooms with a king sized bed and a chandelier in each room. I wished for heaps of dresses made out of feathers and a room called the lollie room filled with lollies then theres a pet room filled with pets. A kitchen filled with food. Then a car in a garage ,limozeen , 10 guards 4 inside and 6 outside,9000000000. I had anything I ever wanted.The only problem was that i didn’t have any friend’s.I was alone. I woke up from my dream and smiled. I was amazed.

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