Monday, March 5, 2012

Duffy Theatre

Kio Ra My name is Anamei,and i am in room 16. Can you guess what room16 did on the 15th of February? Well we went to the hall and met all the other students,because we were going to watch the Duffy Theatre. In the Duffy Theatre there were four characters. One named Duffy another named scruffy and finally The best book in the world.

Scruffy and The best book in the world started to sing the Duffy song and Duffy was playing the guitar. We all started to sing with them. It was cool because we all sounded great. Then after we sang the song we all had to be silent because they were acting.

They were acting out that Duffy has a daughter and scruffy was the daughter they named her Annabell.It was her birthday tomorrow so Duffy had to go look for a present.He walked in to a book store and saw heaps of books as he was going to buy a book he looked at the best book in the world.

So he buyed it.The day has came for Annabells birthday present .Duffy gave her it she loved.She opened it up and read it she went on trips with the book.

My favourite thing that i liked about Duffy Theatre was that i got to be a character.The character that i was was a book.

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