Friday, June 29, 2012

Time to visit the country side

Can you guess where me and my mum went yesterday? We went to a farm , there were cows , ducks also horses. I got into my gum boots with zebra patterns all over and decided to walk into the paddock with my stick. I took my stick into the paddock just in case a cow or horse tried to approach me attack me. But unfortunately they avoided me.
I took some grass with me and tried to attracted the cows to me but they never really noticed me. I walked near a pond. Then I saw these two heads pocking out of a bush and there they were the horses behind the bush. I attracted them to me and Iheld some grass out in my hand and the walked to me and ate the grass at first I was scared but the horses were very gentle with me. The horse nearly bit my finger. Remember never stand behind a horse because they can kick you.  

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