Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Go for Gold

 Can you guess what Pt england school did on Monday? We had a Immersion assembly. Because we just came back from a two week holiday. Our Theme for this term is Go For Gold. Basically it’s about the London Olympics because the London Olympics are coming up. And also its about perseverance and practicing to be a champion. People participate in the London Olympics games. Even a 11 year old girl entered for gymnastics she was amazing because she practiced and practiced and practiced then she became a famous gymnast.

Team 1 inspired us in believing in yourself that you can do it and that you will need to practice running or what ever you like to do and no remember to keep on trying.
Team 2 gave us some special facts about a famous runner,boxer,gymnast and a horse rider. They told us that many years ago that no women could not enter the olympics because people would think that the men would win and the women will louse.And that was not fear.

I really did like Team 3 because they showed some real action because Mrs lavakula had a friend fight with Mr Barks and Mrs Lavakula won against Mr Bark's and Mr barks got scared so he ran away and never returned.These three teams were the best.

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