Monday, July 23, 2012

Kite Day

On Saturday my parents and I went to the Orakei Marae because it was Kite day. Kite day is a Maori Traditional celebration. This is an event that is part of  Matariki. There were lots of people there that were flying kites , selling food , jewelry and other crafts.

As soon as I got there I bought myself a plate of hangi food. there was also a stage with people dancing and singing. Then my Mum headed over to the information tent to get us a kite. We walked over to where everyone was flying their kites.

We saw a very large whale , a huge teddy bear and a massive  squid. Also there were all kinds of  shaped kites including an alien on a  spacecraft!!! When we tried to fly our kite it kept twirling around and down into the ground ,no luck! We will definitly be going back next year because it was so nice to see smiles on everyones faces!!!

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