Monday, November 5, 2012

Saturday night fever

On Saturday night my Dad, Mum and I watched Real Steal!! As soon as we watched the first bit of the movie my eyes were glued towards the T.V because the movie was just spectacular.

Real Steal is all about a man named Charlie and his son, named Max, who find a robot in the junkyard and decide to take the robot to the league games .Max names his robot Atom. From the start i thought his name was Adam.

Max finds the robot under the mud in the junkyard and Charlie dosn't want to help him bring the trolley down because he thinks that the Robot is a piece of rubbish.They win lots of money winning the Robot Games.I think that controling a robot like that would be very hard because using a controller and plus for a girl that would definitely be hard because girls don't play video games. Atom ends up smashing all these other robots and ends up being the champion!!!

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