Wednesday, November 7, 2012

There is an Alien in my house

Zane and Leo were working in their room when suddenly there were creaking sounds in the attic. Zane went up into the attic and Leo followed in silence. Zane walked up the stairs and saw a blanket he lifted up the blanket and there it was a big slimey goo. It was like Zane had seen a ghost or something. Zane was like a frozen ice block he didn’t move. Leo crept up behind him and looked at the slimey goo.

He knew who she was because he played video games. The slimey goo was Medusa the snake lady. People say that if you look into Medusa’s eye’s you will turn into stone. Medusa is a character from a movie called clash of the titans. Medusa is a very fierce lady. If you walk into her house you will hear her tail slither.

Zane woke up from his frozen sleep and ran to get Mum. Leo ran behind Zane as if he was in the war. Mum thought that they were lying but she still came up to the attic. When she saw Medusa she was astonished. She rang the police but she was too late Medusa snapped her from the ground. Medusa swallowed Mum in one piece. Medusa had no teeth.

Zane and Leo ran to ring the police luckily the police came very fast and in a rush.
The police shot medusa and cut her body in half and searched for Zane and Leos Mum.
They found her.It was a miracle. Zane and Leo’s Dad came back. He was in disbelief when he saw Medusa.

After all the fuss they decided to go on a trip to Rarotonga. They left shortly after Mum cleaned herself up. Everyone packed bags and travelled to Rarotonga.

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